Friday, February 24, 2017

Design Floor Friday - Rainbow Strings Expansion Edition

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  In this week's post, I will share with you a behind the scenes look at the Rainbow Strings Expansion Project.  This quilt top was DONE... and then it wasn't.

How did THAT happen, Joyful??

I completed Rainbow Strings HERE.  Shared it with friends.  One of whom fell in love with it, snuggled with it, and later decided that the quilt top was too short for the way she planned to use the quilt.


I started with this (too short) completed Rainbow Strings quilt top:

Then began making MORE blocks.  GREEN first:


Moved on to AQUA blocks...

... Which played into February's Color of the Month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  How on earth did Angela know EXACTLY what I would need to work on this month?!?!

Unfortunately, I didn't get very far before I had to beg my friend, Needleb, for a scrap infusion.  I happen to know that she has a fair amount of AQUA strings hiding in her scrap stash.  Let's hope that she's willing to part with a few!!  :o))

Not only was Britt willing to share THESE scraps:

My RSC friend, Deb at BLOG, came through for me with THIS batch of SEA GREEN scraps:

On top of that, a (friendly) reader, Cathy R. was pleased to send some beautiful TEAL/TURQUOISE scraps:

As if THAT wasn't enough, my friend Katie Z. informed me that she had rounded up some strippy AQUA scraps for me:

Thanks to these wonderful benefactors, HERE are the last four blocks of the Rainbow Strings expansion project:

I'm guessing that you would like to see more...

The GREEN row:


Add those to the previously completed quilt top and you get... 

Rainbow Strings - The Expansion Project - the re-completed top:

Next stop... the quilting frame.  Quilting ideas, anyone???

Not today, though, because...

Until next time...
Expand your quilting horizons!!!


  1. I love rainbow projects. This is wonderful!
    You have many generous friends. : )
    I would be tempted to juxtapose something curved and/or swirly onto this angular design, but that is just off the top of my head.

  2. What lovely friends you have!
    Have a terrific time at Quiltcon! (And take lots of pictures!)


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