Saturday, February 25, 2017

Scrap Happy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  AQUA, TEAL, TURQUOISE, and any shade in between has been this month's focus for the RSC.  It seems to be a favorite of many a quilter.  Thanks, Angela!!  I am enjoying my February stitching!

SUNDAY - I spent a good portion of the day reading through yesterday's RSC Links.  Then there was the thumbing through my new book.  (You'll hear more about that tomorrow!)  Finally, I got down to business.

Along with some RSC sewing, too:

Business on Sunday means sewing some love.  It was time (or PAST time!) to attach borders to my Law Enforcement Appreciation Quilt...

... And write up my blog post.  Hop over, if you'd like to read about the details of the quilt.

MONDAY - Tints and shades of SEA GREEN available at MSC:

As well as, in my mailbox.  Click over to my Mail Call Monday post to read more about that.

TUESDAY - Coffee with a friend was followed by a hair appointment.

Random SEA GREEN sightings between the two...

Ashley from Twist Fiber Studios made this project bag:

One of my favorite pairs of  shoes... because of the COLOR:

The Fossil bag that I got for Christmas:

The new-to-me Sloggers (posing with a TEAL colored tunic) that I found at My Secret Closet:

Bought the shoes!!  Left the tunic.

Oh!  Even AQUA readers:

While my fabric stash is fairly bare of SEA GREEN, my own closet doesn't lack in a range of shirts and blouses in the shade:

I expected to have a bit more sewing time this afternoon, but a trip to the grocery store and making an early dinner got in the way of my plans.  Evening stitching was blown out of the water, as well!! 

Just when I think it's safe to enter the sewing room, something else pops up that must be attended to!  This time, it was an old friend's birthday celebration... one would THINK that it might have been on my calendar.  Alas, it was one of those missed entries.  :o((

WEDNESDAY - It was my ONLY 'stay at home' day this week. The first thing I did was do some housework.  (YUCK!)  The next thing was posting this week's edition of Wonderful Wednesday. (You won't want to miss this one!!)

While waiting for a package (that never arrived!), I assemble the LAST row of my Rainbow Strings Expansion Project:

THURSDAY - A look back at some of the SEA GREEN sewing that happened earlier this month:

FRIDAY - Something you might not know...

SATURDAY - Once again, we've arrived at LINK PARTY day! Come join me on a journey to a sea of projects in one of the most soothing colors of the rainbow.

Since I'm not very good at posting on the go, linking up may have to wait for Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Joining Cynthia for Oh Scrap!, too.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. it's an aqua world, in the days of Panetone's darker green color of the year... I prefer aqua! Cute readers photo

  2. Wow! That was a fun aqua post. You really found everything aqua! Thanks for taking the time to make it personal.

  3. Such a fun post. Enjoy your time at Quiltcon.

  4. What a busy week! LOVE all the teals around you, especially your reading glasses. Have a great weekend!

  5. I love that line up of aqua string blocks! A nice add-on to your string quilt project. Hope you're having a blast at Quilt Con!

  6. Very nice string blocks. Can't wait to hear about Quilt Con!

  7. I really like those aqua string blocks. But I am a huge fan of any string block :)

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. Sloggers -- must check those out (I have such finicky feet - only certain styles will work). Terrific readers and what a fun, fun post.

  9. visiting from Oh Scrap. Wow there is so much going on. You are very busy


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