Monday, February 13, 2017

Mystery Monday Link-Up! En Provence! Part 7!! The FINALE!!!

Welcome to the Mystery Monday Link-Up FINALE!!  En Provence was presented by Bonnie Hunter and is now available as a stand alone pattern on her website.

Today is the day that quilters from around the globe share their progress... many of them completed quilts or tops.  Me??

HERE is my ONE AND ONLY completed block:

Or should I say block, sans border unit??

Anyway... It's NOT that I don't like this quilt because I absolutely LOVE it!! The fact of the matter is that I have many other projects and obligations claiming hours of my days that might otherwise be used to complete this quilt.

The good news is that I just signed up for Quilt Camp and plan to take this project with me to work on.  I will take along a few small projects to keep me entertained, as well, but this will be my focus.

Don't get TOO excited... Quilt Camp isn't until October!!  :P

Click HERE to see all of the wonderful En Provence project/

Until next time...
Mystery revealed!!!


  1. Well, Joyful, you did more than me. I did the units but never assembled them into a block. Sad, right? I think the block is a great pattern but the colors were just not my cup of tea. Yours look real good. I do hope you will make the top. It will be a stunner! ;^)

  2. You really shook up the color scheme, and I love it!

  3. Well, I guess I'll have to go to Quilt Camp now, just to see your finished quilt!

  4. You may have only completed one block but oh what a lovely one. If it is too much work doing all the others you could always turn it into the centre of a medallion quilt.

  5. Sometimes the things we would most like to do have to be set aside so we can do the things we must do. I think it happens to all of us now and then, or sometimes pretty often. One block is progress and if you love it, you'll keep going and eventually finish. I've noticed that most of Bonnie's quilts have many pieces and seams per block, and they all take time. You'll get it finish and have a beautiful quilt!


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