Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - QuiltCon East 2017


Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week I've got a LOT to share... since I just returned from QuiltCon East in Savannah, GA.

OMG!!!  The quilts!  The people. The entire experience.  Sigh...

Plenty of available parking:

Thank you, random photographer:

We appreciate your tip:

Entry into the land of Modern Quilting:

An inside photo:

I can't believe we're at:

Charity Quilt Challenge:

Kona Color of the Year:

All that and I haven't even paid my admission yet!!!

Mission accomplished (before the show even opened for the day!!)

Thank you, Amanda Jean Nyberg!!  You even signed my book in February's RSC Color of the Month:

Once inside, HERE is Jacquie Gering during her demo time:

Interesting applique quilt:

Shown by the makers of Painter's Palette Solids:

An interesting Handwork entry:

And from the Applique category:

Another quilt where my hand was shown for scale:

I did NOT touch the quilt!!

Small Quilts and Applique appear to have shared a space:

From the Angela Walters special exhibit:

Modern Quilt Guild's 2016 Quilts of the Month:

Hey, Sue!  Britt says, "Hi!"  And, look!  Rainbows for PULSE:

Random quilts that I found interesting...

Piecing category:

Minimalist Design:

Helena says, "Hello, Sue!!"

Hey, look, Sue!!  Circles!!  Wish you were here.

Wow!!  That's BOLD:

Improvisational Design category mixed in with the Modern Traditionalism category:

Oops!!  I was SEW intrigued by the quilting that I forgot to get a photo of the whole quilt:

A container ship blocking the view of River Street:

Cool bag at a booth near the Concession Stand:

With lunch done, let's get back to the quilts:

Nine-Patch Challenge:

Fan girl moment for Sue:

Thanks, Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company!!

Exhausted, but happy:

On the way out, from the Handwork category:

And one last Charity Quilt Challenge:

Indian Bottle Brush plant, I don't recall ever seeing one before:

Taking the ferry to River Street and dinner beyond:

Spanky's... A trip down memory lane:

Factor's Walk:

Gnarly old trees:

The tour trolley:

Dinner at a Savannah landmark:

The original house was built in 1771:

Dinner on the "patio" with friends:

Gluten-free birthday cake for Britt:

Happy Birthday from the Tableside Singer:

Selfie with Helena on the way home:

MUST remember these solids!!  They feel fabulous:

No more pictures, as I'm taking over the wheel:

I want to apologize to any of the quilter's with mixed up or left out show cards to identify their quilts.  I can only do so much with my cellphone and my memory.  Thanks for your understanding!

Until next time...
Enjoy the journey!!!


  1. I get the feeling you had a good time ... Can't wait to hear all about it in person.l

  2. Thanks for all the pictures! I thought I didn't like modern quilts, but now I think I do.

  3. So happy you shared these pictures of the fabulous quilts. Eye candy galore! Thanks. So happy I didn't have to walk all those kilometers to see all those fabulous quilts. Thanks for walking it for me. ;^)

  4. What a great display of the show! Thanks so much. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  5. What a fun time for all of you!
    And that Sue person you kept mentioning (whoever she is:p) seems pretty popular, lol


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