Saturday, March 4, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week is Transition Week. The RSC Quilters will trade in their SEA GREEN scraps for the new color of Angela's choosing.

SUNDAY - Returned from QuiltCon East in Savannah, GA.  Upon my return, I wrote up my Sew Some Love Sunday post.  Now, back to my regularly scheduled activities...

MONDAY - I started my day with Knit Group and ended it with a bit of a tour through BlogLand.  Look what I found:

Pinwheel Garden

The pattern is called Pinwheel Garden found on the Primative Gatherings website.  I linked to it from Rogue Quilter's blog (where she showed her blue table topper.  This small version measures 22" x 28" and appears to be available as a pattern for $8.00 or one can purchase a kit for $45.00.

TUESDAY - I had a much-needed stay-at-home day today.  Well... until it was time to leave for my monthly Quilt Bee meeting!  :o))

WEDNESDAY - Quilter's Play Date (that wasn't all that fun) I spent the entire day cutting fabrics for a bag project.  No SEWING whatsoever!!

In other news...

It's Transition Day.  The RSC Quilters worldwide are waiting for Angela to post the color for March so that we can go play in our scrap stashes.

Wait for it... wait for it...  Nothing.  :o((

THURSDAY - Hooray!!  I've got conjunctivitis, better known as pinkeye.  :o((

I have good news, too.  Angela announced March's Color of the Month:

A month too late, if you ask me, but who am I to judge?!
I'm just glad that she continues to carry on with the
Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!

With the good news comes bad.  Angela's daughter took a stick to the head at lacrosse on Tuesday night.  She's got a concussion and spent all day at the doctor on Wednesday.  (I knew SOMETHING must have been wrong for Angela to be late with our color.)  Take it easy, Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRIDAY - After a "normal" day, I had dinner with DH and then took a trip around the Triangle picking up my offspring from their various colleges.  DS1 is home for NCSU's Spring Break and DS2 is home for the weekend (more than likely because he has run out of clean laundry!!)  He'll be home again next weekend for the start of UNC's Spring Break, just when his brother will be ready to head back to campus.  Yippee!!  ANOTHER trip around the Triangle NEXT weekend!!

But first, nails in the Color of the Month:

SATURDAY - Angela's LINK PARTY is here!!  Go see which RSC Quilters had a chance to get a jump start on RED.  I'll catch up with you later.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Sorry for the Pinkeye! Hope you get better real soon! Pinwheel Garden is the name of the quilt. When I first saw this quilt, a year or so ago, I did contact Primitive Gatherings and asked them what was the block name. The email came back with a "the block is just a pinwheel with a HST. It doesn't have a name" answer. But it is a gorgeous very-little quilt. ;^)

  2. Love how you said "picking up my offspring.." cute! Lovely nails.

  3. Clearly conjunctivitis did NOT get the message that the color this month is RED, not pink! I hope it heals quickly and doesn't interfere with sewing and family time until then.

  4. Clearly conjunctivitis did NOT get the message that the color this month is RED, not pink! I hope it heals quickly and doesn't interfere with sewing and family time until then.

  5. That's a terrific post but sorry to read that you have conjunctivitis. Squirt those antibiotic eye drops in and you should be clear in a few days. Love the nails!

  6. Love that pinwheel garden quilt. A great mini quilt. Is it paper pieced? Once you get rid of the pink, enjoy playing with red.

  7. Good eye finding the pinwheel garden. I went looking for it...but I looked in old pattern books expecting it was based on an antique quilt/pattern.

  8. I love that you matched your nails to the color of the month!

  9. So, lot's going on this week then. I can empathise with Wednesday, that's the kind of day I had yesterday, spent most of my group meeting cutting for a new sampler quilt I can do at my monthly meeting after which it was a bit late to get the machine out to start sewing, so I did a little embroidery on my mini instead. And I vote for the nails too, lovely.

  10. Busy week. Love the nails. Hope the eye heals quickly.... maybe some sewing will help?

  11. Hope your conjunctivitis is better! Love the new nail color; can't wait to see your RED stitching!

  12. Oh yuk, pink eye is no fun. Hope the antibiotics cleared it right up. Have a great week with lots of stitching (and hanging with the boys).


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