Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sew Some Love Sunday - DOQ Outreach Edition

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!  One of my favorite things is helping others...

DOQ Outreach worked on these little place mat sized quilts for several years.  I suggested that they may want to deliver some to Carillon Assisted Living in Hillsborough, North Carolina.  These quilts have been found to be useful for engaging seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's at other facilities.

Fidget Quilts:

Delivery Day was filled with happy workers:

They feel certain that the residents of the Memory Care Unit will LOVE these little quilts. THEY loved these little quilts, so that's a start!!  :o))

A little background information...

The Outreach Chair for the Durham Orange Quilt Guild had asked if members knew of facilities that might be able to use some of the Fidget Quilts made.  I knew that Carillon had a Memory Care Unit. I had seen the sign for it many times when visiting my father during the time that he was a resident in the Assisted Living wing.

Thank you, Jean F., for allowing ME to be the one to deliver these little quilts to Carillon.

I will be linking up with Kat later in the week.

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!!

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  1. I have heard of little quilts like that for dementia patients! What a great gift :) Thanks for linking up!


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