Thursday, March 2, 2017

Quilt Con Winners {through my camera (phone) lens.}

As you might have noticed, QuiltCon was pretty amazing!!  These are some photos taken of QuiltCon winning quilts.  Other photos can be seen HERE.

This one even with the winner, herself.  Sorry!!  I didn't get a shot of the category sign (including the winner's name.)  She was very excited because it was her first entry in Quilt Con:

Best in Show:

The Piecing category:

My hand shown for scale... I did NOT touch the quilt:

Minimalist Design:


Modern Traditionalism:

Use of Negative Space:

A challenge quilt:

Sorry!!  I can't find the label for this one:

Small Quilts:

Obviously, there were many other WONDERFUL winners in more categories, but these are some that captured my attention.

Until next time...
Hope you enjoyed the tour!!


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