Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - Mail Call Edition - Baggie Challenge Conclusion

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I got a package in Monday's mail so technically this should be a Mail Call Monday post.  Alas, the SAHRR is eating up all of the posting space with Mini Monday news.  No room left for the mail.

What's this about, Joyful???

You might recall that I participated in something called the Baggie Challenge hosted by Janet @ Rogue Quilter.  Read about that HERE.  My name was drawn for one of three small prizes.

Here was my response:

Another lovely mini to add to your collection, Janet. Thanks for hosting the Baggie Challenge and congratulations to Sandy! Excited to find that I will be one of the lucky ones to receive a small surprise package. Yay!!


This was her idea of a SMALL gift:

I was very sweet and shared part of this "little" haul with DS2:

This lovely card was included...

And here's what Janet had to say:

Oh, yes.  There was fabric...

The charm pack is darling:

And Janet's batiks are gorgeous:

You already saw the chocolate.  Also included were these lovely handmade soaps:

I'm highly scent sensitive, but these smell fantastic!!

Like I said...

If this was a SMALL gift, I wonder what the REAL winner get??  (Kidding - She got to choose one of Janet's mini quilts!)  What a wonderful surprise package.  Thank you, Janet!!  I love it ALL!!!

Until next time...
What a SWEET treat!!!


  1. I am honored to have made your "Mail Call" post! :)
    Glad you enjoyed the package. It was fun to put together for you.
    I hope the soap is okay for your sensitivities. I actually make the soap because of my own sensitivities--and I've made it for 26 years now.

  2. What a great mail package you received! Have fun playing with those batiks.

  3. That's definitely a great haul! How lovely to receive handmade soaps. My daughter used to make soap and I have bags of her stuff STILL in my garage somewhere!!

  4. Enjoy the 'small' gift--beautiful stuff!

  5. That is a wonderful "small" gift! That charm pack is darling, and those soaps look so pretty. Yes we "already saw the chocolate" Joy, but then what happened to it? ;)

  6. It IS a WONDERFUL Mail Wednesday! Lots of goodies in there, in every way shape and form. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. Ohhh, love that Sweetwater charm pack! And handmade soap is soooo good!!! Yay for Joy!!!

  8. Such wonderful gifts that you received , Joy. Handmade soap- such a treat. Have a wonderful weekend and happy quilting.

  9. It's always nice to win a prize, no matter what size it is. It's really special that you won personally-made and selected items. These days, so few quilters (or bloggers like me) are hosting giveaways. Between the uncertainty of shipping, and the cost of shipping - exorbitant, especially for overseas mailings - very few of us are doing that anymore. I'm glad for you to have enjoyed this experience.


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