Sunday, February 20, 2022

(Not So...) Mini Monday - SAHRR22 - Round 5

Welcome to this week's edition of (Not so) Mini Monday... again, a little bit early!!  The timing of the SAHRR requires that I link up each round's progress no later than Sunday night or else link the previous week's progress in the link for the current round.  Monday is release day for each new round and its accompanying Link Party.  Does that make sense?


... Is how I "completed" the Round FOUR prompt of my 2022 SAHRR:

I opted to combine it....

With (the unfinished) Round Three and then I ran out of time.  That meant that when Gail @ Quilting Gail announced the prompt for Round FIVE, I was basically still back on Round TWO.  Oops!!

Which opened up a design opportunity...

That I've been thinking about since Round ONE was announced!


My immediate reaction to that...

OMG!!  The applique prompt fits in perfectly.  I am SEW excited!!!

How will you proceed, Joyful???

With a trip to my Scrap Center, of course:

I pulled the Red basket and the pink basket...

And chose scraps for a red-heavy corner...

Along with a pink-heavy corner:


I cut the necessary background squares and took a photo for you:


All that was left was to cut some colored circles using that ruler I used back in Round 1 for the heart.  I didn't get a picture, but here's the pink with red corner:

And the red  with pink corner:

I freehand cut each successive "circle" one-quarter inch smaller than the original base circle:

Here's my intended layout:

This first stitch plan didn't work very well:


Another (more successful) attempt was made:

But WHAT will you do with those, Joyful???

I feel sure you must know where I'm heading with this.  Don't you?

How's this???

It feels good to have all the corners filled in!  Thanks for the Round FIVE prompt, Gail!!  (You will notice there is still a gap, but...) Here's what I decided to do  with my 2022 SAHRR:

I'm SEW happy that my procrastination is paying off!!  Combining the rounds isn't something I did during last year's SAHRR, but it really worked for this part of the process.  Come back next week to see where I head from here.

Until next time...
Sew aROUND!!!


  1. I love how this is shaping up, Joy! You've kept up the opposite corner motifs and each new addition is perfect for the prompt. I bet this week's final round will help you tie everything together!

  2. Using the small squares for the corners is great. Love how this looks. ~Jeanne

  3. Brilliant! Love how this is turning out. Those circles were a great idea.

  4. As long as you know which border you are on, it's all good! I love the additions to your little quilt. What fun!

  5. Some very creative things going on here. I love what I call serendipity sewing, especially when it turns out great.

  6. very clever use of blocks, all working together.

  7. So cute and a great way to keep it on the petite side!!!

  8. Love how you combined the rounds!! It's your quilt and you're allowed to do what YOU want! It's looking great!
    Thanks for linking up to the linky party!


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