Monday, January 1, 2018

Scrap Attack 2018 - A Year of Serious Scrap Busting

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to Scrap Attack hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict!!  She introduced the 2018 Scrap Attack a couple of weeks ago in her I May Have A Scrap Problem... post and posted her list HERE.

One of the responses to Sarah's introduction post was from JoZart in Liverpool, England who stated the following - and it was TOO cute not to re-post:

"My cupboards are heaving and I have so many boxes on shelves in my sewing room, so I cannot say NO! I'm in for 2018.

Blitz those Bits
Cut out those Cuttings
Salvage those Strips
Liberate those Leftovers
etc, etc, etc."
Jo in Liverpool, England

When I read about Sarah's challenge, I knew that I wanted to participate.  I just didn't have a CLUE what my goals should be!!

The Link-Up is open until Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  Care to join in the fun?  I scoured Sarah's post and also followed the links on Thursday and came to the conclusion that my goals will combine those posted by the following bloggers...

1. Scrappy double wedding ring quilt
2. Sort through solids scrap tubs and make a project using them.
7. Sort and use green bricks and blocks
9. Cut denim scraps into long strips for a quilt
10. Use T-shirt scraps to make at least one more beach blanket.
12. Mail away a large flat rate box of scraps.

She will draw from the job box and work on what is drawn, plus other projects.

1.Make String blocks to reduce overflow bin
 5. Go through scraps to organize by color and make something with Christmas
6. Go through scraps to organize by color and make something with Orange
10. Go through scraps to organize by color and make something with White
11. Go through scraps to organize by color and make something with Black

So, here are my 12 goals for the year.
4- Finish RSC 2016...
8- Make a scrap basket à la Fiona. (See this post)
10- Organize the flimsies and tops. (First, they have to be hunted down. Then I want to store them all at one place so when I feel like quilting one, I'll know where to go to get it. I also want to put my Excel Spreadsheet up to date.) Phew!

11- Make something with the strings. (Yes, pllleeeaaase, make something with them!!)

12- Make something out of the triangles. (Oh! That's a nice challenge. I like it!)

Copy Sarah's goals the months that it interests me. {Double Wedding Ring does not. Using my bags of leftover HSTs does.} And again, I'm being lazy and not making my own plans.

Anita SS:This is my first Scraps Attack post.

I began by making 9 patch blocks before Christmas from my scrap bin of 2" squares. The 9 patch blocks I have made so far have turned into this quilt top. I call this pattern 9 Patch Trellis. This one is a lap quilt roughly 56 x 66 before quilting. It will be given to my guild's Quilts for Kids collection when done. We are in need of gender neutral quilts right now, so this one will help that project. I'm joining Sarah for her Scrap Attack challenge at and this quilt is proof of my early effort in my personal scrap attack.
I plan to continue to attack my scraps throughout the year and turn them into as many shelter quilts (twin bed sized) as I can get done. I also want to be more consistent in cutting up the leftovers on the cutting table in a timely manner, and use what I have on hand, which means piecing more batting leftovers so I can have battings large enough to use on charity quilts.

although i am already committed to stash busting, attacking the scraps isn't far behind.
and i do happen to have a scrappy DWR in the works as well.....
then there are those constantly reproducing selvedges i use for potholders, a project that got set aside earlier
and then there's this drawer full of inchies, 1.5" squares, that also multiply like rabbits no matter how many one uses......
and lastly this stack of precut scraps just waiting their turn to be used and escape their plastic prison....

I wrote out a lot of 'blocks' for SARAH's Scrap Attack.  I plan on combining this with RSC18.  Pull a slip and use the block with the month's color to make a project.  Could be a miniature, bag, quilt - what ever strikes my fancy.  It will help to use up the abundance of gifted scraps that came in toward the end of this year (and yet to be sorted) as well as make me be a bit creative with the slip I pull.  I know there are a lot of slips there, but if I have a quick project and/or a lot of one color scrap - I can do two.

Quilt and bind all the following:
(then proceeded to list 11 UFOs) and a month of scrap trimming

Obviously, life happens.  Commissions happen.  I get lazy!  If these monthly goals don't manage to be fulfilled... no harm done.  My scrap collection will happily continue to live (and probably grow) in the Scrap Station section of my studio!

While searching for that post, I came across THIS POST, which made me want to hang my head in shame.  Why?  Because in the afterglow of my longarm quilting machine's arrival, I ended up using the quilt shown as my first attempt at custom quilting.  The result of that was that I fell in love with the quilt.  (Not to mention the fact that I ripped a hole in the quilt when the head of the machine rammed into the take-up rail!!!)  Can you see my 1st goal on the horizon???


Without further shame, HERE is my Scrap Attack list:

1. Choose a quilt to donate and mail to Covered in Love!
2. Per Sarah, Work on a Double Wedding Ring (my antique)
3. Thanks to Mel, Do SOMETHING with Christmas scraps!
4. Like Katie, Sew the bucket of Bonus HSTs from Ruth S.
5. Reminded by Anita SS, Make more Tiny Nines blocks.
6. City Mouse suggested small scraps, Cut from the Utz jar.
7. Chantal is organizing, Label / inventory UFOs bins!
8. Sharon is working with the RSC, Work in the month's color.
9. Paula picked cutting, Choose a Sizzix die and wind out!
10. Britt ordered, Organize/label scraps under the longarm.
11. Britt proposed, Make MORE scrappy yarn bowls.
12. Britt indicated, Try making Dee Dee's Scrap Scarf!

Thank you to those quilters who inspired my Scrap Attack goal list.  I appreciate the assistance.  I am adding a secondary list, in case I have extra time or enthusiasm in any given month:

1. Give away a big bag of scraps like Sarah!
2. Sew up some String blocks like Mel.
3. Make a "Fiona" Scrap Basket like Chantal.
4. Piece batting scraps for a Donation Quilt like Anita SS.
5. Try making something with selvages like City Mouse.
6. Make something with gifted scraps like Sharon.
7. Pull a scrap bag and start trimming like Paula!
8. Plan a quilt with T-scraps like Sarah.
9. Sort and make something with Orange scraps like Mel.
10. Cut Triangles like Chantal.
11. Make a Thread Catcher out of Batik scraps. (All me!)
12. Make mug rug out of random scraps. (All me!)

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your Epic Scrap Busting Challenge with all of us out in BlogLand.  The scary thing is that even if I did EVERYTHING on BOTH  of my lists, there would still be MORE FABRIC SCRAPS!!!  Here's to "taking a little off the top."  :o))

Until next time...
Attack those Scraps!!!


  1. You are too funny! I will be trying to finish and work through scraps a little better this year I hope... but we will see what happens! Good luck to you.

  2. Phew! I made it to the bottom of your list. A very extended list I should add. Good luck with your goal, Joy. I read other people's blog after posting mine and a lot of times I went "oh, I should have added that" and "I have that to do too". Smart of you to read before making the list. Let the scrap attack begin. ;^)

  3. Yikes......these responses are making me feel guilty. Since I don't do much patchwork, the only way I can obtain scraps is to cut up that's my excuse for sitting back and watching to see what all of you come up with!! I'll be cheering you on!

  4. I just read Sarah's post and your post. I feel like I know what everyone is doing. Plus, I stole lots of ideas...but didn't give anyone credit. I'm just sending them here for that. Happy New Year!

  5. The plan of attack is a good place to start. You've got a great one. Good luck with the execution!

  6. That is a huge list - Good luck on it - and have lots of fun!!


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