Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - The Quilt's in the Mail

Calico Ric Rac,
Reality was faced.
It found a better place
OUT of my space!!!

Thank you, Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts, for inspiring me to do the (previously) unthinkable.

A recent post recounted her tale of letting go.  At first, I was totally blown away!!!  HOW could she POSSIBLY give away a quilt top that wasn't intended to be a gift.  I'm not THAT kind of quilter!!

YOU heard me right.  I am a selfish quilter.  If I didn't make a quilt specifically for a donation or a gift, it's MINE. ALL MINE!!  I would NEVER consider giving a project away before its completion.

Well, friends...

Never say NEVER!!!  After reading Amanda Jean's story and being so aghast at the thought of the letting go of an unloved project, a vision of a certain UFO popped into my head:

Something extraordinary happened...

My next thought was of giving this quilt top to Covered in Love.

And do you know what???

A wave of peace washed over me, like a weight being lifted from my shoulders.  I know it may sound cheesy, but it's the absolute truth!!

That was before the peace was replaced by a (small) wave of panic... which was then followed by the calm that comes from knowing deep down that you have made the right decision.

Watch your mailbox, Kat.  Calico Ric Rac is headed your way (as soon as I can dig it out from under the quilting table!)  It may take some doing to get it to the size you need for your charity, but I have faith that you will figure something out!!

Until next time...
Lighten the Load!!!


  1. It DOES feel good to lighten the load. Keep it up!

  2. Yay you!! The first year we did Quilts of Valor and needed 700 quilts I got a lot of "let go" quilt tops to finish - and boy howdy - did those Veterans LOVE those let go quilts - they just were wrapped in all sorts of love from over the country


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