Saturday, May 28, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 22

Welcome to Week 22 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I may actually get to sew this week AND some of it might actually be GREEN... just in time for a NEW Color of the Month.  LOL

On SUNDAY, I talked my husband into helping me with the next phase of my Decrapification Project.  You can read about it in a future edition of Tidy-Up Tuesday.  I also managed to start the week off right with a TINY bit of sewing by stitching up ONE Slab Block in GREEN:

If I'm not mistaken, this GREEN goodness came from my friend Jean's scrap stash.  Thanks, Jean!! (And if they came from another friends scrap stash... I hope you will forgive me and accept my heartfelt apologies.  I appreciate ALL the SCRAPS!!!)

MONDAY is the NEW day for Knit Group.  Not really my preference, but it seemed to work for the majority for the summer months.  We will reevaluate come Fall.  In celebration of our new meeting day, we (apparently) sent out a (mental) memo:

Totally NOT the Color of the Month for the RSC!!!  (But... SEW typical for the CK Team.)

The afternoon was  my own and I put it to good use by finishing up the last few blocks for the UNC Two T-Quilt.  I did most of the fusing of interfacing on Saturday.  Next step, squaring up the blocks.

TUESDAY was a stay-at-home day and I took advantage of time between household chores to prepare scraps for sewing one Tiny Nine... later in the week:

I also posted Part Three in my Decrapification Project.  The steps deal with fabric relocation.  To me, it felt like one big "Shell Game."  Progress was made.  I am pleased with the end result.

On WEDNESDAY, I gathered up a bunch of quilts and headed off to Carol Woods Retirement Center to do another Quilt Talk.  The residents really seem to enjoy this now-monthly Community Outreach event, hosted by the Durham Orange Quilt Guild.  I'm a member and have volunteered 2 months in a row to share my quilts... goodness knows, I have enough quilts to share!!!

THURSDAY was one of those day where I am running here and there from dawn to dusk.  It began with taking the girls to school and ended with the CRHS End of Year Pot Luck/ Awards Night.  In between, I hosted the weekly Quilt Group, worked on a secret project, and dropped off paper/plasticware so the band kids could take care of setting up for the awards "banquet."

I enjoyed talking with friends at the dinner and was shocked at the award ceremony.  In a good way.  DS2 was recognized for being in Marching Band, Jazz Band, and the various Honor Bands that he was selected for during the year.  Not so shocking.

But, THEN...

The director announced the two BIG awards chosen annually.

Guess who won the John Phillip Sousa Award?!?!

That's right.  DS2!!!  I couldn't be happier for him.  :o))

A handwritten note from the director accompanied the award.  Such a wonderful added touch!!

A quick check of one of my favorite blogs told me that Kat at Kat and Cat Quilts has posted the June Block Drive for Covered in Love.  If you've got some blue and yellow scraps, please consider making a block or two for this wonderful cause.


FRIDAY turned out NOT to be another stay-at-home day, so I worked extra hard upon my return!!  Check out my Design Floor Friday post for my latest project.

On SATURDAY, I joined Angela's LINK PARTY and will enjoy an afternoon of sewing with my good friend, Needleb.


Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Congrats to your son - I won that award during my senior HS year, too! Wishing you all good luck with the ongoing decrapification project! Looking forward to seeing progress photos.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm proud of your son, too. End of the school year is so busy. Hope you have a nice Memorial weekend!

  3. Your quilt talks are a wonderful idea. Everyone has memories of them. I did a show and tell quilt show here at our senior apts. Many folks brought their quilts and told us the stories. I also provided labels for them to fill out to stitch to their quilts.

  4. That is quite an award he got! Congrats. Hope you have a nice afternoon sewing with your friend.

  5. What a week. So exciting to hear about the band award. What a great way to end the school year.

  6. Sounds like you've been keeping quite busy! :o)

  7. A busy week!! Congratulations to your son and to you for tackling your decrapification project!!

  8. Congrats to DS2, that's pretty cool. Looks like you've been super busy.


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