Saturday, May 21, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 21

Welcome to Week 21 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week may or  may not be filled with GREEN sewing.  (Green being the Color of the Month for the RSC.)  I'm trying to set my studio to rights after the MAJOR overhaul that took place last week.  SEW... I'm not holding out much hope.

Let's see how the week progressed, shall we?

SUNDAY, while scrolling through RSC Quilters posts, I found that I had missed Angela's posting of the Column Along block for May.  She provided a tutorial with links for other Flying Geese methods.

MONDAY was errand day... banking, a trip to the Will of Good, and a grocery run.  I even remembered to stop by to have my car inspected!!  Another task ticked off the list was my Mail Call Monday post.  You can read about my latest acquisition HERE.

TUESDAY came and I was car-less.  DS1 took it took it to work, so (by default) it is a stay-at-home day.  :o((

I am choosing to use my car-less-ness as a blessing.  After breakfast, I put on the first load of laundry and fired up the computer to post the next installment of The Decrapification Project.  THIS POST deals with scrap storage.  The resulting solution makes me immensely happy!!

If you missed the first post in the mini-series and want to find out how I dealt with the room layout, feel free to follow this LINK.

On WEDNESDAY, I stayed home to work on a variety of household chores.  After all of the tasks for the day were completed, I went to meet friends for dinner and a glass of wine (or two.)  We had a bit of a revolving door, with friends coming and going at different times, but it still made for a very pleasant evening.

THURSDAY morning was Quilt Group.  My chauffeur arrived promptly at 9 AM.  (DS1 needed the car for work and I didn't have anything scheduled for the afternoon.)  My friend, Joanna, kindly agreed to pick me up before and deliver me home after our meeting.  Thanks, Joanna!!

The entire family met up at DS2's Spring Concert in the early evening:

It was the final concert of the year, as well as the final concert of his high school career.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about that fact.  At least there's still the Pot Luck/Awards Night next week!!

FRIDAY was another stay-at-home day.  My friend Cindy came over to offer some storage solutions for my sewing room redo.  Thanks, Cindy!!  You did a great job of prodding me along.  :o))

On SATURDAY, I joined Angela's LINK PARTY and attended my Quilt Bee's Sew Day at the SECU Family House.  One of our members works at the house and arranged for us to meet there.  I'll let you know how it goes.

As for GREEN sewing this week... there was NONE!!  In fact, there was no sewing at all.  :o((  I did, however, receive a lovely FQ along with a lovely stack of "bricks" and a couple of Bonnie Hunter's favorite marking pens from Lori who blogs at Dakota City Quilter:

Thank you for the wonderful swap, Lori!!  I hope you found LOTS of usable scraps in the bag that you received.  Thanks for lightening the load!  Need more???  Just let me know.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!! 


  1. A very busy week. Your scrap storage solution worked out really well. Hope you get in some stitching this weekend.

  2. Ooh, Lori scraps are the best! Good luck with the tidying.

  3. Well I hope you can squeeze in some sewing time soon! What's the good of being organized if you don't get to sew?
    Best of luck with the decrapification. (Love that word!)

  4. I remember so well that last week of our kids' senior years! So much going on! It is sweet and sad at the same time (for the parents anyway!). May you survive it and get back to sewing. I clicked over to your scrap storage post and loved how your white cubbies of beautiful scraps look!

  5. Busy week but what a great gift box. Have fun playing with the bricks.

  6. Busy week indeed! Now you need to sew to use up some of that stash!!

  7. I enjoyed your post even if you didn't sew any green, you certainly got a lot accomplished. I also hopped over to your post about your de-crapification. Sew cute! Good luck with keeping it that way!

  8. Even without any stitching, you had a grand week.

  9. Hope the new studio allows some nice sewing next week. I finally got some green sewing in today after dropping kids to Grandma then lunch out with hubby.

  10. Ha! That's hilarious that you traded scraps! Organizing eats up a ton of time doesn't it? It'll be worth it in the end.


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