Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - UFO Club Finish

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today, I am pleased to report that I have completed a quilt from my UFO List.  (It was actually done earlier in the week, but I didn't have time to post about it.)

I can tell you this... I am SEW excited to have ANOTHER finish for the Q2 Finish-A-Long!!

S's T-Quilt has been on the list since the end of last summer.  I completed her brother's quilt first since he's older.  Once his quilt was done, I put more effort into moving hers along.

Did that help???  NO!!!

This quilt gave me grief at every turn.  I was beginning to think that I would NEVER finish it!!  Then one fine Spring day, the stars aligned and the quilt came together.  HOORAY!!!

After that came the matter of the quilting.  With my shoulder still bothering me, I asked my friend Bo to do the quilting.  Thanks, Bo!!

Take a look at the completed quilt:

I texted the recipient and she is excited to see both Big Brother and Little Sister quilts.  Sadly, she's not available to accept delivery until next week.

Until then...
Waiting on Pins and Needles!!!

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  1. Its a lovely quilt, and good for you for finishing it off! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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