Monday, January 29, 2018

Mail Call Monday - Scrap Infusion

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  Lots of fun scrappy goodness has descended upon my mail box.

The Quilters Knitting Group on Ravelry hosted an International Scrap Swap.  My packages have been received from...


These are particularly special because they came all the way from New Zealand!!  I even got a little Kiwi fabric lesson when the arrived.  LOL!!  Bonus... Can YOU spot the one Australian fabric?

and Katyknitsnyc:

She included a bunch of novelty prints.  Fun!!!  :o))

I also received a package from...

Bowie, who had some project leftovers that I thought would be useful in any number of my own quilts:

It's QUITE surprising just how much can be fit into a Priority Mailer!!  In case you can't make out the writing... that label indicated that there are 156 - 15" x 2" strips.  That's in addition to 156 - 5" squares and 30 - 2" x 1.5" rectangles.  ALL very usable!!

The last package came from Sandy at Sew... This is My Blog, who wrote the following in her January Scrap Attack post:

"... I've started with the smaller pieces, pressing and stacking. The plan is to cut them into 2", 2.5", 3", and 3.5" squares, and 2.5" x 4.5" bricks.  What's left will be cut into strips, and pieces less than 2" are going into the trash.  (Don't tell anyone.)..." 

To which I responded:

Happy slicing and dicing!! I have to tell you though, I wasn't happy to hear that you throw away pieces smaller than 2". I about had a panic attack thinking about those poor 1" to 1.5" pieces!! They must be SEW frightened in that big dark trash can.  :o((

Sandy replied:

That is so funny! I knew there were people out there who use teeny weeny scraps so I thought I'd get caught! lol

Seriously - If you want them, I'll start saving them for you.

This is what I wrote back:

LOL!! We all have our limits, I suppose. As for saving them for me...

I would LOVE that!!! Maybe you should do a monthly drawing for your leftovers. That way I won't have to feel greedy.  :o))

Here's what I got in the mail:

You will be happy to know that I've already rummaged through the gallon sized Ziploc bag and sewn some of these together!!  See???  

Look!!  A ton of "twosies" for an unspecified project:

But WAIT!!  There's more...

I won't mention that I have won a giveaway.  Oops!  I suppose I just did.  LOL  The blogger hasn't announced the winner yet, so I will check back with you once my prize has made its way to my door.

Until next time...
Wait for it. Wait for it!!


  1. Love all of the scraps you got but those BRIGHTS from Sandy...drooling!!!

  2. So fun to get scrappy goodness in the mail! Love the boomerang!

  3. Lots of fun and scrappy stuff going on in your sewing room. Enjoy!

  4. You must be up to your elbows in scraps after all THAT mail! lol I know you'll have fun with them. (Good for YOU!)


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