Monday, January 15, 2018

Mail Call Monday - Ravelry Pincushion Swap

Welcome to the first 2018 edition of Mail Call Monday!!  This week's post is about a private swap on Ravelry.

The back story...

Bitord frequently posts about one artsy project or another.  I fell in love with THIS recently posted project:


I sent her a PM about the little pin cushion in the center of the photo.  She wrote back offering.  I replied either that or suggested some sort of swap.

The outcome...

re: Denim Pincushion

Swap swap swap. I like swaps. 

The received...

A funky painted craft paper parcel:

Enclosed was this artsy pin cushion made from recycled denim:

LOVE the recycled denim goodness!!!

The process...

Here is a shot of the quilted bottom of the pin cushion with the pieced and quilted top.  Colors are fairly true:

Next up, fabric boats:

This was the prototype for my construction method:

And the sent...

This is an end view:

One more shot, a side view, to show how the halves were joined.  The secret?  Binding was sewn half way around on the machine, the other half was sewn down by hand:

Thank you, Bitord, for an unexpected, but wonderful swap!  I appreciate the challenge that you presented with your desire to have a hard-bottomed pin cushion (so the pins wouldn't scratch your table.)

** Watch this spot for a surprise upon delivery.

Months later...

When I finally remembered to update the post (after Bitord reported how much she loves her pin cushion and asked what pattern I used.)  Pattern?  ROFL!!  I didn't use no stinkin' pattern.

I was alluding to the bonus gift that I sent with my pin cushion swap.  It's one of my Quilted Thread Catchers to match:
Here is a picture of the set:

Shared over on the link-up at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Until next time...
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!


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