Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sew Some Love Sunday - Thomas Fire Block Drive

Welcome to another installment of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  This week I am here to report  back about my Quilt Bee's effort with regard to the Thomas Fire Block Drive.  It turns out that we have collected nearly enough blocks to make a quilt to send!

This week's contributions...

Two blocks from Deborah:

Two (?) from Ruth S:

Joanna brought two blocks:

Cheryl K. contributed two blocks:

I want to say that Dee Dee made three blocks:

Jean went a little crazy and has sewn FIVE squares:

Britt is showing off blocks, but I'm not sure who created these:

The blocks were divided into two groups for a design face-off:

There are SEW many ways to set these blocks together:

Ultimately, we ended up with only one arrangement on the floor:

There's still time for YOUR group to participate in the relief efforts!  I feel certain that the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild would welcome additional quilts.  You can find the instructions for the Perkiomen Valley Block (designed by Scott Griffin) at THIS LINK.  Additional information about the Thomas Fire and associated relief efforts can be found HERE.

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!!


  1. I like that layout. Those blocks are really fun to play with, both in making them scrappy and then in laying them out.

  2. How pretty that your group did all blue blocks! Is that because of the RSC color this month?

  3. Great job! That is such a neat block.

  4. That's an interesting combination of blocks. That's why a group effort is so much fun.


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