Saturday, January 6, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  

SUNDAY - I ushered in 2018 at my sewing machine.  First, by making a Foot Warmer out of recycled / upcycled jeans:

With more time to wait for the "ball to drop" I made (but didn't trim) a String Block for Covered in Love:

MONDAY - Happy New Year!!!  I posted my goal list for the new challenge from Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict:

Angela posted January's Color of the Month for the 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  You can read more about that at the RSC18 tab at the top of her blog:

She had THIS to say:

... if you can, to dig into the lighter side of your blue bin.  Dark blues and dark neutrals will get a chance to come out and play later in the year.

There's an RSC18 Sampler this year, too.  Read more about that at the tab Angela posted at the top of her page.

TUESDAY - Knit Group went into overtime today.  I still can't get over how much progress I've made on my Hoodie Shawl Cardigan:

This evening I packed my bag for tomorrow's Sew-In.  I also trimmed up my CiL block to send to Kat and made some progress one of my commission quilts.  It's layered and ready to quilt:

Before bed, I took a stroll around BlogLand and I found something YOU might want to know about.  You may even want to join in:

My friend Kate from Life in Pieces is hosting a Linky Party on Sundays on during the 1st quarter of 2018.  The 15 Minute Challenge is all about encouraging us to get in the sewing room EVERY DAY!!!  

Kate is flexible on that 15 minute time frame.  YOU can allow more or less time as your goal (to accommodate your weekly schedule.)  How you track the time and what tasks you count is totally up to you.  Basically, she simply wants us to share how many days per week we meet our goal.  Read more about it at the link provided above, but I doubt she will accept blog hopping as a sewing or quilting task.  Just sayin'!!  :P

WEDNESDAY - At today's Sew-In @ Diane's, I spent a LOT of time ironing, as I warmed up for another round with Dad's Ties for Molly:

After dinner, I checked my phone and the weather app showed snow showers in our town.  What?!?!  Sure enough.  I looked outside and it was "snowing up a storm."  The cars, sidewalks and driveways were all covered... just since dinner and it's not even 8 PM!!!  Schools are closed because of THIS:

THURSDAY - Virtual Quilt Bee today.  See the previous entry for a reminder of why our regular meeting was canceled.  My Show and Tell for Virtual Bee was the progress I've made on the last 3 Trail Totes of my (what turned out to be) year-long bag project.  Today, I assembled linings...

... And attached them to bag bodies:

After dinner, I started the quilting on That 80's Quilt.  Swirls, as seen from the underside of the quilt:

FRIDAY - The thermometer didn't even make it to the freeing point (AGAIN!) today. It was a great day to wear my hand knit wool socks - complete with touches of  the Color of the Month:

SATURDAY - Well, we made it through the first week of 2018.  Whew!!  It's time for Angela's LINK PARTY.  Let's go see how the other RSC Quilters rang in the New Year and find out more about...

After releasing my post, I headed off to Art Bee.  I took along a UFO to work on during the meeting:

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Another busy week. Seems like everyone has snow. Love your nails!

  2. You started the New Year with a bang! So much done on the first week. Love your hand-knit socks. It looks so comfy and warm. Happy shoveling. ;^D

  3. Another busy week for you! Love those nails. This Arctic cold has most of North America in its icy grip, even down in Florida.

  4. Fun nails and socks! (and other projects, too!) Hoping it warms up for you this coming week!

  5. Hope you enjoy the snow. We hope it will warm up enough to snow here. Very productive week for you. You are lucky to be able to get together with crafty friends.

  6. I wish I could have some of that snow at the moment.. we are having a heat wave of 44c or 111f. Oh boy. Lucky the air con works. You have been busy...

  7. Wow! 2018 is off to a very productive start! I LOVE the progress you made on your hooded shawl. Can't wait to see all of that. Your swirls look great. Love that Drunkard's Path quilt and COMMISSIONS!!! Woohoo! Fun nail color. Our school was closed one day this week because of the negative 23 degree F wind chill! Brrrrr! Love your socks that you made. More progress on your bags. Welcome 2018!!!

  8. Looks like you've had plenty to keep you stitching during the winter weather! Love the socks!

  9. Another Busy week. Love the warm socks, I also make all kind of little bags or sacks out of old Jeans.

  10. Love your weekly reporting :) Happy New Year!

  11. Love your weekly reporting :) Happy New Year!

  12. That footwarmer is really appealing! (Today was the first day in over a week that we hit 2-digit temps. And that's 2-digits ABOVE zero, I might add. We've had plenty of 2-digits BELOW zero...)
    Looks like you could stay warm just by all the busy-ness!

  13. Can you send your snow my way? We haven’t had snow since December 2016, and we had just a touch of rain today! I am grateful we’re above freezing, since we spend two weeks in the teens. Your projects look awesome!

  14. It was a really weird week weather wise. We are slated for "maybe snow, probably rain tomorrow". Sounds like you've stayed really busy and productive this week. Thank you for the shout out about the 15 Minute Challenge, there were a good number attending the linky party last week.

  15. Whew! I'm tired just reading all this. It IS good to get so much done, though, isn't it? I have to check out the 15 minutes challenge. That may be just what I need.


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