Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018!! What's the {Rainbow Scrap Challenge} Plan, Stan???

Welcome to my planning post for the 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I have a number of projects in the works and a number of projects on the horizon (or the back burner... whatever!)

This post will focus on my projects for:

NOTE:  Click on the picture to read about this year's Challenge!

Let start with the "In with the new" (projects), shall we?

Mari's Squared Up BOM will be running in conjunction with Angela's 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  It will be a scrap-friendly pattern that uses square, rectangles, and HSTs.  Mari has promised that it is suitable for ALL skill levels.

"X" Blocks - This is a NEW / old project.  These are the Alternate Blocks for the RSC15 Sampler.   I cut all the squares during RSC17, but really want to get on with the sewing.

Then, we move to "Out with the old" (projects) that continue...

Scrap Jar Stars - These blocks were started in 2017 and will continue into 2018, as I don't have enough blocks for a bed quilt and that's where I'm headed with this one.  King sized, to be exact!!

Slab Stars - This quilt began as Slab Blocks made during the RSC
15, my first year of participation.  (These continued through  the RSC16.)  Anyway, Angela had a beautiful RSC15 Sampler planned, but I simply wasn't feeling the sampler block thing that year.  I did, however, want to make a version of the quilt, but it took until 2017 to figure out HOW to accomplish that task!!  The 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge will provide me with another opportunity to complete the necessary blocks.

If time permits... 

Maverick Stars, String Blocks, and/or Tiny Nines may work their way back into the line-up.  These were abandoned at the end of the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge, in favor of the two blocks discussed in the prior section of this post.  I'm certain that each block needs MORE of the same in order to build a quilt.  I'm not making any guarantees, but if I find myself with "nothing else to do", I won't  have to wonder what to do next!  :o))

I saw something that I really liked on the internet - it reminded me of my Word of the Year from the recent past:

What I need is more BALANCE between piecing and quilting.

Here's my list of "more" for 2018.
More quilting of larger quilts
More scraps cut and organized
More quilt shows attended
More fun with other quilters

And on the "less" list:
Less fabric I can't think of a use for (I'm gonna donate it!)
Less worrying about UFOs
Less making things just because other people are making them

Thank you, Sylvia, for sharing this.

Let's take a look back to 2017 in Joyful Quilterland...
 One thing I did do was to do MORE of the things I actually SHOULD do instead of only the things that I really WANT to do.  To that end, I completed FIVE of the 15 UFOs on my list from the Winter 2017 (Ravelry) UFO Club.  I'm pretty pleased about that.  One point two five quilts per quarter is SEW much better than it could have been.  (Although, not as good as I had hoped.)

Granted, I might have accomplished more, but I did a fair amount of travelling during 2017.  Some of that travel interfered with sewing time.  Wish me luck for a productive 2018!

To that end, let's take a look at Week 1 of RSC18...

A new LINK PARTY will be posted on each Saturday of 2018.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Sounds like a great plan, Stan! (lol). Enjoy the rainbow! ;^)

  2. Great to have a plan! I look forward to seeing your progress on all these RSC projects.

  3. Good plan! I think I might join in on RSC this year... if I can find enough scraps here in Arabia - most of mine are back in Oz! Looking forward to seeing all your scrappy blocks this year! xx

  4. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan! I’m looking forward to the Squared Up BOM, but I also want to do a regular RSC. Guess I better figure out what block I’ll be doing. :)

  5. Balance is a great word. Mine will continue to be Purge, for many areas of my life. I'm purging the dull fabrics by color and donating them to my guild. Also old magazines of many kinds, unused and unwanted items to charity, etc. It's a good feeling when these bits of life baggage are gone.


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