Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - Winter 2017 (Ravelry) UFO Club: The List

Sign-ups for Winter 2017 UFO Club are now OPEN. All participants MUST sign up by January 7, 2017 with five or more projects. Any projects must be completed by midnight (EST) on March 31, 2017 to qualify for the session’s totals. 

Here are my entries for this session:

1 Hedgehog Quilt:

2 Rainbow Strings an RSC 15/16 Quilt:

3 Think Spring - The Tiffany Mystery:  (Completed 1/10/17!!!)

4 Blue/Green Quilt:

Can be found at THIS LINK.

5 The Bluff Quilt in Brown:

6 The Bluff Quilt in Blue:

7 The Bonnie (Hunter) Mystery - GIMQ 2014:

8 Art Bee Slice Swap:

9 The Margaret Mystery:

Scroll through THIS LINK.

10 Circle of Friends:

Can be found in Fall 2016 UFO post HERE.

11 Art Like Deborah (Boschart):

12 Ravelry Red Swap:

Look HERE for a photo.

13 Where's Jackson?

Find the photo by scrolling down THIS POST.

14 My Christmas Quilt:

15 Barn Dance QAL:

16 En Provence, BHM2016:

17 Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt:

It's an ambitious list and in NO WAY represents what I actually THINK will get done during this quarter!  I just like to have options.  Projects in different stages of completion available to match my mood.

Wish me luck!!

You can find me chained to the sewing machine trying to accomplish SOMETHING!!!  With the (deplorable) outcome last session, I really hope to have a modicum of success this time around.

AND... since I wound up with 17 projects, I'm linking up with the 17 in 2017 thing, too.  It's being hosted by Pomegranate and Chintz. For me, it may go the way of last year's FAL, but it can't hurt to try!!  :o))

grab button for pomegranate and chintz

Until next time...
Happy Finishing!!!


  1. It never hurts to try. Who ever got blind looking at the bright side of things? Good luck with your goals. Lots of lovely projects in here. Would love to see more of that Christmas quilt. ;^)

  2. You have a lot going on this year. They look like great quilts and projects!


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