Saturday, January 28, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Last week was a productive week and I'm hoping for more of the same.  Only time will tell...

I'll walk you through my week and YOU can be the judge:

SUNDAY - I chose some fabric for my Law Enforcement Appreciation Quilt.  You can read more about that in THIS POST.

MONDAY - Knit Group in the morning followed by paperwork in the afternoon.  Yippee!!  Too bad I couldn't just stay at Knitting all day!!!  Alas, the bills and such require my attention.

I did take a quick tour through my favorite consignment shop.  Take a look at the  PURPLE goodness that I found...

A dress and a chair:

An interesting (difficult to photograph) PURPLE chaise lounge:


A dusty lavender coat - which took ALL my willpower not to buy:

TUESDAY - Working on some quilting in the morning was followed by lunch with a friend.  More quilting during the afternoon hours with GiGi here to keep me company:

Only FIVE more T-shirts to stabilize.  :o))

Wait!!  What's for dinner???  Oops!!  Leftovers, it is!

After dinner, I turned the 2nd corner on the binding of Think Spring:

Halfway to a completed quilt... I'm SEW happy!!

WEDNESDAY - I was hoping for a TON of work to get done today, my one truly FREE day for this week...

Stitched some more on Think Spring's binding, finished up the stabilization of the T-shirts:

AND finished ripping off the paper from the back of Rainbow Strings:

Did you notice the PURPLE strings???  :o))

I also linked my Sew Some Love Sunday post with Kat for her Sew Some Love Linkup.  She is encouraging us to make quilts for ANY charitable cause (not just quilts for Covered in Love.)  It makes me SEW happy when I'm quilting for others!!

THURSDAY - I began my day with some hand stitching. The PERFECT start... and I got a few more inches done on my quilt binding on Think Spring!!  Since I already had star points made, fabrics were chosen for a second PURPLE Scrap Jar Star:

FRIDAY - Not much quilting got done.  I did manage to stitch up that 2nd Scrap Jar Star Block:

It needs some trimming and a good press.  Not quite sure WHAT was up with my stitching!!  The evenings activities included:

Ripping!!!  :o((

SATURDAY - HOW can it be Saturday?!?!?  I better get my act together and finish this post!  It's time to join Angela's LINK PARTY over on the So Scrappy Blog.  (My FAVORITE day of the week!!)  Follow me over to check out all of the wonderful PURPLE projects that the RSC Quilters have been sewing this week.  See YOU over there!!

After I clear away this mess from the dining room:

Some jobs are just too big for the sewing room!  Especially with the longarm taking up a fair chunk of the space in there.  (That's OK... it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make.  I just ignore the grumbling from the rest of the family.)

Linking up with Cynthia for Oh Scrap!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Love the scrap jar star. The very first quilt I completed was a scrap jar star quilt!

  2. Oh yes, you have been busy, I just love the purple chair with pillows, gives me an idea for a chair that need recovering here. Very nice little scrap jar star.

  3. T-shirt quilts take so long in the stabilizing stage, but they are always so well loved. Looks like you made good purple progress too.

  4. What a delightful week! I love the knitting day each week (mine is Tues afternoons!) but time goes too quickly when we get together!
    I like the scrappy star blocks-excellent work!

  5. I love the purple chaise lounge. Of course, I would have no place to put it.

  6. I loved all of your purple pics and I really like your blocks. It sounds to me like you got a lot done.

  7. purple purple everywhere! I kept seeing purple this month too! love love love your scrappy star!

  8. I love your scrap jar block! That purple chaise is so great. Thanks for all you shared.

  9. Way to go! Think Spring is SO close.

  10. The scrap jar stars are wonderful. Did I spot purple nails in that photo? You went all in for purple this month. ;-)

  11. You are busy! Great sewing got done at your place this week. I slowed down and am now trying to reorganize my sewing room so I can sew even more. (Instead of searching for things!)

  12. Sounds like a busy and productive week!

  13. Neat way to post our weekly activities! Looks like it was really a purple week for you!

  14. A very busy week, but you made the most of your sewing time. Love the Jar Star block.

  15. Purple-y and most interesting post you got. Love that purple chair lounge. It is so inviting some hand stitching session. Mmmm. Love it! It looks like you did a very good job at taming the purple scrap bin. Lots of blocks to show for your work. Of course love the SJS. ;^)

  16. Scrap Jar Star is looking great - I love that you are using text-type prints for the background! That purple chair - right up my alley!!

  17. LOVE your scrap jar star (of course!) in all its scrappy goodness! You found some fun purple things to photograph, too!

  18. I love purple so this post makes me happy! Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  19. I love your scarp jar blocks. One of these days I am going to make them.


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