Saturday, January 21, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week was filled with some rainbow sewing and some quilt finishing. Well, that was the plan!

The reality was this...

Sunday was a Sew Day that started with preparing this binding:

Freeing this quilt from the longarm:

HERE is a better look at the quilting:

Full disclosure, yes, I did quilt the quilt to the leader:

Monday was a Holiday/Knit Day followed by some shopping therapy...  where I spotted PURPLE in the wild:

Do YOU decorate with PURPLE???

I swore (to myself) that I wouldn't outline my week in full this year. However, I'm finding it difficult to compose these posts in any other format.  I suppose I'll just roll with it (or adopt some sort of hybrid post.)

I took quilting to Knit Group:

Monday afternoon was busy, busy, busy... SEWING:

This is a little pin cushion for a swap that I'm in, I'll show the other side once it has been received.  Cool fabric, huh?!

I also did some cutting of my neutral Zen Chic FQ Bundle:

So... Tuesday morning was spent making progress on:

My Scrap Jar Star block!!  The photo above shows the block parts. (Well, MOST of them.)  I think I have some more cutting to do, but I had to leave for my hair appointment!

During the afternoon, I did some additional de-papering:

Tuesday evening I got the last bit of cutting done:

On Wednesday, Kat over at Kat and Cat Quilts held her first Sew Some Love charity Link-Up.  This new link party will be held weekly and encourages us to share our Charity Sewing adventures.

Kat had been missing WIP Wednesday.  That Link-Up was discontinued.  You don't have to be sewing for Cover in Love. ANY charity sewing post may be linked.  Here's my linked POST, if you would like to see the block I made.

I also spent some time on THIS (future) quilt back:

It's going to be getting some sashing:

After all of the cutting, there were SCRAPS for future use:

After cutting, Think Spring (aka Learning Curve) was still in need of squaring up.  I decided to make use of the mat, cutter, and ruler:

Let's just say that I use that term "squaring" loosely.  I'm not quite sure WHAT happened, but the borders were a BIT off.  Oops!! Lucky thing that it's mine, all mine.  LOL

Thursday and Friday was spent with friends. That part is pretty much how this year is going to go each week.  Although, there is an hour (or four) to do some quilty work before dinner.  :o))

On Thursday morning, I did manage to trim up the HSTs for my Scrap Jar Star block in PURPLE:

But... that wasn't it for the day!!

Thursday evening, saw the completion of the SJS units:


The binding was applied to Think Spring:

NOTICE:  I most definitely will NOT be finishing that quilt today!!  I decided that a hand project would be better than a fast finish, so the binding was applied to the FRONT for me to stitch it by hand on the BACK of the quilt.

On Friday morning, I made progress on that PURPLE quilt block. So much progress that my Scrap Jar Star block was completed:

Friday evening, I packed the car for NT Sew Day and assembled the quilt back for my Rainbow Strings:

Click HERE, if you'd like to see the process that I went through.

My plan for the week turned out to be a pipe dream!! However, progress was made on Think Spring AND on Rainbow Strings.  It was a REALLY good week.

It's Saturday morning, now.  Time for joining Angela's LINK PARTY.  You may want to check it out... especially if you like PURPLE!!!  (I'll catch up with you later, as I'm on my way to a Sew Day with my quilting friends.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Wow! You've been busy! I love that quilt you finished. And that binding fabric....I almost squealed out loud! Your scrap jar star block is fabulous!

  2. Really like that you are using the mix of neutrals to back those scrap jar stars! And as far as recapping your week on the blog -- I keep a day calendar (paper) beside my sewing machine and make notes. Between my blog posts and those notes, I can re-construct most of my stitching life (the rest is in the calendar on my phone).

  3. I love that scrap jar star!! A great use of scraps!

  4. What a productive week. So frustrating to find that you have quilted right through the leaders, but it does happen when you get caught up in the quilting. Great texture!

  5. You always have such busy week. I love SJS quilt since I saw it last year at Diann's blog. It is on my to-do list. Enjoy the hand stitching project. ;^)

  6. Busy Love the scrap jar quilt block.

  7. Wow! Great job on the production of both projects. Happy weekend!

  8. You had a great week - and how you format your post is up to you - cuz it is YOUR blog!! and I love it! Love that scrap jar block!

  9. Lots of beautiful progress this week, especially your quilt! Wow! You go girl.

  10. Your Scrap Jar Star is just great! I love the background you're using because it really adds to the scrappy effect of the block.

  11. How do you get all that great stuff done? It's all great!

  12. Wow you have been very busy!love the blocks you are working on and can't wait for the reveal of the pincushion the backing fabric is gorgeous.

  13. I love your scrap jar star block! Must resist....

  14. Gotta say - I love the weekly format you do on Saturday =). Looks like you were very productive to me this week. So many pretty fabrics you have to work with in your studio. Had to laugh at quilting to the leaders... Last week I managed to get the extra backing folded under and quilted onto my quilt. Pick, pick, pick....

  15. Replies
    1. I was on a mission this week! Pleasantly surprised at all I was able to get done. Thanks for commenting.

  16. Thanks for sharing all your great projects! I like all the background fabrics you are using for your scrap jar stars, adds lots of interest.

    1. I'm really pleased with those background fabrics. Thanks for commenting!

  17. Hurrah for such progress in Think Spring! I enjoy your rundown of your week, so if that's how you compose it, I'll continue to enjoy it. Have a great week.

  18. Wow yiu get ave gad a productive week, love your scrap jar star and yes I would decorate in purple if I could. Love those cushions.


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