Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sew Some Love Sunday - A List for YOU

Welcome to the next edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  Last week, on Wednesday, I remembered to join Kat's Link-up.  In case YOU didn't follow my link or see her post, I clipped the list of charities that she gave... in case you want to do MORE charitable sewing.

The List (as seen on Kat's blog)...

Some Quilt Charities:
Covered in Love - quilts for mourning families
Margaret's Hope Chest - several programs for children and adults 
My Very Own Blanket - quilts for children in foster care
Project Linus - quilts for children in the hospital
Quilts for Kids - quilts for abused and ill children
Quilts of Valor - quilts for veterans
Threading Hope - children and families in poverty and war torn countries 
Victoria's Quilts - quilts for cancer patients
Wrap Them in Love - quilts for children

Kat invited people to alert her to other charities, so if you know of some other really good ones, I would love for you to post those in your comments.  Thanks!

A portion of my charitable work for this week was actually done on Friday.  I went to my local police station to ask for one of their sleeve patches:

Sorry for the TERRIBLE evening photo!!

Anyway, in light of all of the recent negative publicity that has surrounded the police nationwide, my weekly Quilt Group decided that we would make Law Enforcement Appreciation Quilts for all of the agencies that serve our members.  We want them to know that we support them (and their mission to serve and protect.)

Today, I chose some fabrics...

... For THIS quilt, designed by one of our members in her EQ computer program:

HERE is an example of a (nearly) completed quilt... made by one of my friends - Sorry, Candy!  Apparently, I didn't make that clear:

While it may not be a traditional donation quilt, these quilts will be donated to local law enforcement offices for display.  Maybe YOU could make one for your local agency!!

I have to tell you, the receptionist (dispatcher?) is so excited about getting my quilt... and she hasn't even SEEN it yet!!  She wants it to be hung in her office so that everyone who enters the station will be able to see it.  (You gotta love a happy recipient.)

I'll be joining the Sew Some Love Link-Up over on the Kat and Cat Quilts blog on Wednesday.

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!!


  1. What a fantastic idea. ..and a beautiful quilt!! Well done.

  2. On the 10th anniversary of our Rock Island retreat, we gave the rangers a quilt to hang in the park office. They hung it that very day tell us they get so many compliments on it. A small token for all they have done for our little group through many snow-ins.

  3. That is a great idea. I had not looked to see where you live, but then I saw the Mebane PD quilt and realized how close you are to another friend of mine.

  4. Thank you for all the charities listed above. Hubby is retired from the San Antonio Fire Dept. We all need to support our Police, Fire and our Military. Wouldn't it be great if each quilter made one for each? Really like your quilt! They will enjoy it forever.

  5. love this quilt. lovely work and generous heart.

    1. Thanks, B!! Hoping mine will turn out as well as the example shown.

  6. Great idea, joy! I love how the quilt design looks. Thanks for linking up!

  7. What a great design! Thank you for supporting your local law enforcement. Their work is difficult and dangerous.


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