Saturday, January 7, 2017

Planning for 2017's Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Welcome to Week 1 of the 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Angela shared the outline for this year's RSC in THIS POST.  She's taking it back to the basics (in other words, she didn't have time to design a quilt and prepare tutorials this time around!!)  She gave suggestions for scrappy projects and has prepared a color list and announced the January Color of the Month:

Some of Angela's suggestions for use of our scraps include:

"A mug rug, a placement, a single block.  If you like to plan ahead, you can start now making blocks that will be ready to turn into a rainbow quilt by the end of the year."

Maybe you've got enough of each color to make an ENTIRE quilt!!  I might, too... just not the time in any given month to do that.

Angela asked that we show off some of our completed rainbow projects, in order to inspire any new RSC Quilters.  While I don't have any completed projects, I had planned to share what I have to work with this year.  As some quilters have done, Angela suggested that you "could even find an existing project featuring the color of the month and work to finish that up."  I think that is an EXCELLENT idea!!  Although, I'm not sure that I have any projects that would fit the bill, but I am totally LOVING that idea!!

She left the details up to us.  We are encouraged to make this year's challenge as simple or as elaborate as we like.  With every scrap we use, we are making progress!!  And with that, she invited us to show everyone the power of using your scraps.

This week, I will share the potential quilts that may make it into this year's rotation.  First, we need to take a look back at my projects from LAST year to see what might be on the agenda.

HERE is what I have to work with...
from TWO YEARS of RSC!!!

Maverick Stars:

Currently, this quilt would measure 48" x 56".  I have another, much larger finished product in mind.  Although, I'm not exactly sure how that will be accomplished.  It's not really at the top of my priority list, but you just never know!!  

Slab Blocks:

As it stands right now, this quilt would measure 36" x 48".  However, I envision its future holding a quilt made larger by dropping these blocks into the Stars and "X" Block setting from Angela's 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I plan to have this as one of my projects for the 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Jennifer in PA made her RSC15 Quilt like this, too.

The first step will be to transform these Slab Blocks into the required number of Slab Stars.  I made a start on that this week...

... and then cut the 24 PURPLE squares required for the "X" blocks to be assembled at a later date:

If I have too many blocks of any one color, I plan to incorporate them into another quilt using Mari's (from The Academic Quilter)  Star Border from her "Framed" quilt to bring these up to size.

String Blocks:

Ready to be assembled...

And the assembly has begun!!  The question will be borders or no borders???  We'll see what it looks like when I get the top together.

Tiny Nines:

After two YEARS of making in the RSC, there STILL aren't enough blocks to make more than a (small) Table Topper!!  I'm not sure if this will take a backseat to other projects or make another appearance for 2017 sewing.

Let's not forget about those Rainbow Crumb Blocks:

While it looks BIG...

I've got enough blocks to make it EVEN BIGGER... just no space large enough to lay it all out for you to see!!

With the blocks on the "design floor" and those making up that "extension", sans borders or sashing, the resulting quilt would measure 78" x 102".  I might even have enough to make it one row wider - I got tired of counting!

This quilt may or may not get put together in 2017.  Although, it's not really a priority.
Only time will tell, if it makes the project list.  :o))

Click HERE for this week's LINK PARTY.  There are sure to be lots of pretty PURPLE blocks.  I'll see what I have and may make a few more blocks (while I wait for the Mixed Colors month to show up.  I'm REALLY excited about the chance to us some of those multi-colored prints on black and/or white!)

I tried a PURPLE Scrap Jar Star on for size and may add it to my RSC Project List:

OK, so I didn't get very far with that this week, but another week is coming and maybe by then I can scare up the other squares necessary to make the block!!  This will give Libby a head start.


Give Libby a head start?!  What ARE you talking about, Joyful?  Well... I figure it would be fun to have a bit of a QAL with my friend Libby at Life on the Hill blog.  We're using THIS tutorial by Amber over at Gigi's Thimble.

Angie from Quilting on the Crescent got me interested in these blocks a couple of years ago.

While I was searching, I found the components of a second Sawtooth Star Block:

A couple of "X" Blocks are sure to follow.

Other than that, you can find me wallowing in my (extensive) UFO List.  It's about a mile long and really could use some of my attention this year.

Linking up to Oh Scrap!, too.

Until next time...
Have yourself a Scrappy New Year!!!


  1. Love the slab blocks in the star centers. It will be a spectacular quilt.

  2. I actually like having a list of projects in the works. Call it "job security" if you will - but how can we work if we don't have things to work on? (Your crumb blocks are going to become a HUGE quilt!)

  3. Yummy! Love them all. So beautiful.

  4. Yes, I've got a head start -- Three done! I like that alternate center, too. Something to consider as the months come by. Your older RSCs look yummy.

  5. A post full of pretties! Why not combine the maverick stars and the slab stars and get a fast quilt top? Just an idea! Otherwise, these all look fabulous!

  6. I really like that you are converting your slab blocks into star blocks. And since there will be a mixed colors month, you could make some serious progress on your Rainbow Crumbs. Lots of fun possibilities!

  7. I love your slab stars! I have been trying to decide if I should start a new scrap quilt...this is motivating!

  8. I like the slabs as centers for the stars, too! They will make a beautiful rainbow quilt!

  9. Wow, a lot of Rainbow projects on the go, I particularly like the string blocks and your idea for incorporating the slabs into stars. Lovely bright colours.

  10. So many wonderful projects! It looks like lots of them are ready to turn into quilts whenever the mood strikes. We all seem to be stuck in the block making mode lately.

  11. Oh! Look at all the pretty colors! 8)
    I'm getting sucked into the ScrapJar Stars blackhole, too. I'm planning to make 8" ones, though, I think, rather than 12". (I should make test blocks of each size to help me decide, right?)
    Those slab blocks look like a lot of fun - and what fantastic star centers they'll make!

  12. Lots of pretty projects! Love those tiny nine's!!! Have fun digging in those scraps.

  13. Pretty pictures and great plans! It's gonna be a fun year.

  14. All your RSC blocks look great - I hope you find inspiration for how you're going to turn them into quilts!

  15. What beauties in the works! You will have a good line-up to choose from when you can do some scrap sewing!

  16. I'm sort of thinking you need a bigger floor - Bwahh haa haa!! I love all of your rainbow projects - they are really cool!

  17. Good luck in 2017! Any kind of quilty star is a wonderful star if you ask me.

  18. My goodness, so many pretty patterns! I can't wait to see how this year progresses! :)

  19. Fabulous projects! Now I want to start new projects...slabs, scrap jar, more tiny nines. I can't decide!!

  20. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! It is so encouraging to have people see what I am doing and I ask that everyone be critical enough to leave suggestions as well! I'm going to love following along as we progress through this year with our scraps!

  21. Wow you have a lot going on! I'm liking those Maverick stars especially.

  22. You have so much going on! Your Tiny Nines are adorable!!!

  23. You've got some fun projects going on this year. Looking forward to seeing several finishes and checking in on your new project for this year.

  24. So many wonderful rainbow scrap quilts in progress. I love your idea of using those slab blocks in stars. I may do that. I just need to make slab blocks first. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!!

  25. Seeing everyone's gorgeous purple scraps makes me want to go have a rummage through mine to see what I can come up with. Lovely blocks.

  26. I love all your rainbow scrap projects.... those tiny nines are just so dinky

  27. Oh my! I LOVE all your scrappy progress!


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