Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tidy Up Tuesday - Rainbow Finish {Sort of...}

Welcome to the next edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  It's been quite some time since the last post.  If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you may remember the Decrapification Project.

Angela from the So Scrappy blog recently announced (in the last paragraph) that she would be hosting a NEW monthly LINK PARTY to encourage the RSC Quilters to FINISH some of their Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects (instead of simply collecting blocks.)  The plan is that the link-up will be held on the LAST day of EVERY month during 2017.  Check it out HERE!!

During the month of January, I took THESE blocks:

Sewed them into rows at the beginning of the month:

Finally, joining those rows into a quilt top toward the middle of the month:

This is how it progressed...

With pairs of rows sewn:

An assembled top still needing to have the rows pressed:

It's a bit crunchy!!  The paper is still on the quilt back:

Here are some "beauty shots" for your viewing pleasure...

Rainbow rows:

Rainbow columns:

Splayed in all its 54" x 60" splendor:

I debated about the need for a border (or two.)  It was determined to be a perfectly good snuggle size, as is.  The next step was to choose (or construct) a backing.  I took THIS 4-Patch block out of my "large scrap" basket...

... Along with 29 of its friends, to assemble the quilt back:

That quilt back wasn't going to be QUITE big enough to allow room for quilting on the longarm, so...

I scrounged around and found the leftovers from my last completed T-shirt Quilt.  This will be used for sashing and borders to bring the quilt back up to size.

After all that,  it was time to pick out the paper.  Ugh!!  NEVER again!!!  Next time I will do String Blocks on a FABRIC foundation because THIS takes FOREVER:

Please celebrate with me... ALL of the paper has been removed from the back of the quilt!  Yes, I got things a little backwards:

I went a little crazy and hoped to pop this puppy on the longarm to see if I could finish it by the end of the month:

 Unfortunately, THAT didn't happen.  :o((


There has been a change of plans!  Another row of GREEN strings needs to be added to the bottom of the quilt.  It's just not QUITE long enough.  There is not enough length for a "toe tuck."

I was only able to make a start on those additional blocks:

Completed quilt NEXT month???  Maybe sew, maybe no.  Check back at the end of February to see.

Wishing YOU...
Scrappy Finishes!!!


  1. I like where you are going with it though!!!

  2. This quilt is beautiful, and I love your idea for backing! I'm getting a little more scrappy on my backings as well, so much fabric in my stash. Congratulations, you are so close to finishing.

  3. That is looking great! Congratulations on getting all that paper taken out! I'm sure that requires a very long movie or some other similar distraction. Have fun quilting it!

  4. My goodness you have been a busy bee this month... and that was just getting the paper off! Great job and soon you will be snuggling under that beautiful quilt.

  5. Very nice! Congrats on your (almost) finish. I hate taking off the paper, too; have a whole box that needs to be done. When you think about it, why do we really NEED a foundation for strings?

  6. Great job on getting so close with all the frustrations. And then not long enough. I went through the same thing with Sarah's quilt. It was finished, but is not an RSC quilt. Just relax and let it rest for a bit, don't push yourself to finish. It is beautiful.

  7. Nearly finished, but great idea to add the extra green row, think that will look good.

  8. Big, big job getting the paper removed! Tedious! You deserve congratulations for a job well done! Love the quilt!

  9. Wow, what a lot of work. But it’s so close to done that we are celebrating you and it. Beautiful quilt!!! And it helped me decide that I will continue doing my string blocks on muslin bases and leave them intact!!

  10. I make my strata and cut blocks from it - that way there is no extra layer of fabric and definitely NO PAPER. Glad you are adding the extra row . . .

  11. Oh I HATE pulling that paper off too!! Lucky for me I have a daughter that loves to do it...she thinks it's as fun as popping bubble wrap. Love the rainbow quilt so far😍

  12. I wondered what I was looking at in the fourth photo because it didn't look like the blocks in the first three photos. I'm so sorry you had to pick off all that paper. Ugh! I've never used paper as a backing. When I do strings I just sew them together and cut them to size. I haven't had a problem but then I've only made two string quilts.

    Your quilt is bright and beautiful with all those colors. And I know just what you mean about a quilt being too short to tuck under toes. (Imho) it's almost not worth using a too short quilt. I would just have to find someone short enough to use it. I think another green row will help balance the quilt, since you have two blue rows at the top.

  13. I love it, fun and colorful! I also love sewing onto phone book pages, I don't mind ripping those off to much. Other paper I hated tearing off with a passion! I have a phone book string one started for this year RSC.

  14. Excellent progress! It will be long enough for a toe tuck before you know it.

  15. Progress is progress, so even if it's not done you did good. It's a gorgeous quilt.

  16. ha! I'm glad you linked up a non-finished finish! Hopefully by the end of February you will have your toe-tucking gem!

  17. You did great at almost finishing it. I have been taking my paper out before I sew the blocks together. I also have been known to take them camping and do the paper removal outside. Looks great so far.

  18. Beautiful string quilt - glad you got all the paper off!


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