Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sew Some Love Sunday - Another One for the List

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!! Today's post is to tell you about the charity that Cathy over at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting made a quilt for.  It's an organization that I hadn't heard of, so I thought maybe YOU hadn't heard of it either.  I wanted to pass along the information, in case this cause pulled at your heartstrings.

The organization that Cathy donated to was Wrap-A-Smile.    Wrap-A-Smile is a partner of Rotaplast International, Inc. an organization committed to helping children and families worldwide by eliminating the burden of cleft lip and/or palate, burn scarring, and other deformities.

In other news...

I've got a date with these Red, White, and Blue scraps:

Cutting is on the agenda for this afternoon.  Here's hoping that I have a quilt top to share next week!!  My quilt group will be distributing these Law Enforcement Appreciation Quilts in a few weeks.  This needs to be finished up very soon!

I'll be joining the Sew Some Love Link-Up over on the Kat and Cat Quilts blog on Wednesday.

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!!


  1. Thank for linking up, Joy! I spent some time on wrap a smile's website last week. What an awesome cause!

  2. Hi, Joy. My first time on Kat's linkup. Thanks for mentioning the Wrap-a-Smile charity. Years ago my daughter spent six months nursing on a Mercy Ship docked at Ivory Coast, now Côte d' Ivoire in Africa. They did lots of facial surgeries for folks who would be deformed for life and gave new smiles to so many. Good luck with your quilt also, a great cause.


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