Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Delayed Swap Receipt

Welcome to the first 2018 edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Back in November, I shared my Positively Mini post.  You can read more about that project by following this LINK.

Here's a photo for as a reminder of what I sent:

Chantal (who blogs At the Corner of Scrap and Quilts) loved it SEW much that she added it to her Wall of Fabulously Famous Quilts.  Quite the honor, I'd say!!

She was surprised to receive it so soon, as it seems that I got the date wrong.  Oops!!  Chantal hadn't even start on her mug rug for me.  Not to worry... I knew that it would arrive eventually.  :o))

In return, I got a package with two mug rugs for the price of one:

These goodies were enclosed in with the swap Chantal sent:

A beautiful machine embroidered card from a local artist:

Along with the BIGGEST chocolate coin I have ever seen:

The mug rug was custom made to cover this living room side table:

The bonus mug rug on the reverse side is perfect for the Holidays:

I'm SEW glad that we decided to swap, as her mug rug fits right in:

Thank you again, Chantal!!!  The mug rug/table mat that you made me is wonderful.  Sorry it took so long to post about the swap results.  It was well worth the wait, don't you think, everyone?!

Until next time...
Don't you just LOVE quilted surprises?!?!


  1. I'm very happy that I did my first ever mug rug swap with you. It was a very pleasant experience for me. I am glad you like your swap and the chocolate, hehehe. (I'm sure it is all gone by now.) I see that I did pretty well with the colors as it match your sofa / armchair beside the table. I didn't post about the mug rug I sent you on my blog yet because I send it your way before taking any pictures of the finished product. Lol. That is so me!! Enjoy! ;^)

  2. I recognize your mug rug! The one you received from Chantal is super cute! Reversible--how great is that! I love cardinals, who doesn't! So that side is a super cute bonus.

  3. Double sided goodness!! What a sweet swap :)


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