Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review

Warning!!!  Picture-heavy post!!!

If you saw my 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review post, you might be surprised at how little I accomplished this year.  (Even more so, if you recall my 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review post!!)  This year I went from 4 blocks per month to only two.  I originally thought that I would get a third block sewn per month.  I quickly realized that since I was doing a LIGHT and DARK version of each of those two blocks, there wasn't enough sewing time to make that third (or is that sixth?) block done each month!


Here is how my RSC year progressed, by the month:

January - Purple

February - Aqua

March - Red

April - Multi

May - Green

June - Yellow

July - Blue

August - Light Neutral

September - Orange

October - Pink

Hmm... That's curious.  Something seems to be missing.  :o((

November - Brown

What?!?!  November???

Yep!!  Angela called a group of colors for November this year.  Darks - BROWN or BLACK, as each quilter saw fit.  As evidenced from the photo above, I went with BROWN.

Here's how it looks by the block...

Scrap Jar Stars (21):

Slab Stars (6):

There are also the RSC15 Alternate Blocks to consider.  I didn't get very far, however, I got the colorful prep work done:

When the year began, I fully intended to make these blocks along with the others.  However, I quickly realized that just was NOT going to happen this year.  Oh well, 2018 is coming!!

Besides that... 27 RSC blocks, along with 5 completed quilts, 4 scrap baskets, 6 "yarn bowls", and 12 "thread catchers", for a total of  27 quilted items for the year.  Oops!  That doesn't count the 2 pin cushions and 6 mug rugs or mini quilts that I made!!  That's a Grand Total of 35 quilted items made during 2017.  Combine that with the 2 skirts and 6 bags that I made and a few others that I forgot to mention and I had an EXTREMELY productive year!!!

Oh!! Guess what I found???

After photographing the last of the blocks, I found a baggie of pieces and parts in the Quilt Camp basket!  Apparently, I took them with me, but ran out of time.  Here are the cut, but un-sewn Slab Stars that were missing in the photos shown above:

Click here for Angela's final LINK PARTY of 2017.  It's a good thing that she is hosting a 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I still have MANY more blocks to make in order to complete my RSC17 quilts.  Off to round up a project list...

Linking up with Oh Scrap!, too.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. You done good, Girl! I don't know how you do as much as you do.

  2. Every year is different! Sounds to me like you got a lot done this year! Your stars (both kinds!) are going to make beautiful quilts.

  3. Looks like you are ready for the bpnew year. Great progress so far.

  4. You made some great scrappy stars - here's to seeing more of them in this new year.

  5. Very productive in 2017! Congratulations! I wish you another very scrappy year, full of awesome challenges. ;^)

  6. Another new year with more UFOs. What's wrong with me? We'll see if my Scrqp Attack on them works. Guess I need deadlines.

  7. I enjoyed how you through yourself into each month's color, Joy, including matching fingernail polish! Maybe you didn't finish as many stars as you wanted, but you sure embodied the Spirit of RSC :)

    1. Oops, I meant "threw." You threw yourself through each color quilt thoroughly :)

  8. Don't look at it as not getting enough done in 2017, you were setting yourself up for successful finishes in 2018. You've got some fun blocks in the works. Looking forward to seeing your progress this year.


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