Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mystery Monday... Sunday... Link-up! On Ringo Lake! Part 2!!

Welcome to Part TWO of the On Ringo Lake Mystery!!  Each week for the next several weeks, I will be posting about my encounter with an ongoing mystery.  The quilting mystery called On Ringo Lake by Bonnie Hunter.


I have to tell you, after browsing the other participants blog posts, I was sorely tempted to change my color combo!!  Especially, since I don't really like using Bonnie's colors for the Mystery.  I prefer to change things up and embrace the spirit of the mystery quilt to really make it my own.  Oh, well... not this time - I started with Bonnie's colors, so I'm using Bonnie's colors.  However, I do have something in mind for next year's Mystery (providing that Bonnie continues the tradition.)

Sorry for the shadowy late night pictures.  It was a busy day!  I was lucky to get this set of units done:

I started with the flamingo fabric for those of you who were wondering if I would still be using it.  (I was considering a change to my color selections.)  As you can see, the answer is yes.  I may not use MUCH of it, but it's in there!  :o))

Visit the On Ringo Lake Mystery SUNDAY Link-up HERE!!

Hey!  Bonnie's schedule changed.  It's not illegal!!!  :P

Until next time...
Be Mysterious!!!


  1. Flamingo geese! Or Geemingos. Or Flameese. Whatever, they look good. You could call your quilt On Flamingo Lake.

  2. Oh my gosh - that is great - flamingos!! what fun!!

  3. I'm with you on doubting the colors. I'm also with you on, started it and will keep going! Glad to see your flamingos made it in there already. They might be the star of your quilt!

  4. Love the flamingo fabric. My daughter made a cloak and lined it with flamingo fabric. There's just a touch of whimsy there. . .

  5. I was intrigued by Bonnie's colors this year because I love sunrises and sunsets. It will be interesting to see how that translates into fabric. I'm not brave enough to do one of her mysteries myself, but it's fun to see what everyone is doing. Your combo of the coral and turquoise in flamingos is a fun twist!

  6. Love the coral “flamingeese” and the water in the fabric background is a really good example of the coral and turquoise colours going well together!

  7. Those flamingos are fantastic! I really love them.

    I'm doing the mystery this year, but I did change colors. I'm just not into Aqua and Coral...

    I still have a 100% Bonnie project, though, because I copied her color scheme from the Orca Bay project from several years back. No photos yet, because I've been remiss, but they will come soon. I'm pleased with my progress so far.

  8. This is such a good use of a large/unique print! I can't wait to see all of your geese together!


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