Saturday, December 30, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 52

Welcome to Week 52 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I can  hardly believe that the end of the year is upon us.  Thank you, Angela!!  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge has been the highlight of my quilting life for the past THREE YEARS.

If you have visited my blog before, you probably know what I'm talking about.  For those of you who are new to my blog, check out the So Scrappy blog for more information about what is also called the RSC.  You can read more about the 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge HERE.

This year, I was pleased to complete ONE of my original RSC projects from the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge, which continued into and throughout the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I present my FIRST EVER finish for the RSC, Rainbow Strings, completed in June of this year and pictured here with its happy recipient:

With that out of the way, let's work our way through the final week of the year 2017.

SUNDAY - Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house the quilter could be heard...

Last minute elf sewing, of course!!

I completed 2 Custom Knife Rolls from fabric scraps...

This shadowed photo shows one unrolled, interior (20+ year old) fabric from Guatemala compliments of Needleb (Thanks, B!) - after I realized that the remaining scrap I brought on cutting day wasn't quite bid enough to fit my design specs:

The colorful Custom Knife Roll was made from scraps leftover from my Rainbow Picnic Quilt, which remains unbound:

... And a Flax Seed Neck Warmer from recycled/upcycled denim:

I followed the directions from for the Flaxseed Heating Pad, but DH found it to be a bit short and would have preferred it to be segmented.  The seeds tend to fall to the front.  It's still usable.  Just not ideal.  (Note:  Use it as a bed warmer, too!)

MONDAY - Merry Christmas!!   To all who celebrate some other holiday, here's hoping that YOU had a great day, too!!  MIL opted not to put up a tree for the first time ever and THIS happened:

Since Angie at Quilting on the Crescent asked for a modeled shot of my recently completed Christmas Magic Cowl, here is what I looked like before dressing for our family festivities:

TUESDAY - Unfortunately, it was another No Sew Day.  :o((

Why, Joyful???

We were out of town with no hand sewing on board.  That's OK... I completed my current Wolkig cowl:

WEDNESDAY - Hmm... what did the day after the day after Christmas have in store for The Joyful Quilter?  Why, releasing another Wonderful Wednesday post, of course!  Read more HERE.

I also tried to figure out this year's Christmas gift... otherwise known as the curse of the new phone:

This might not LOOK any different from any other cell phone, but it certain does come with numerous new features than my last one!

THURSDAY - Back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Weekly Quilt Group was followed by errands and blog writing.

Oh!  And a trip through one of my favorite internet sites, Ravelry, where I found this pearl of wisdom...

Words to live by from Stitchley on Ravelry's Quilters Knitting group:

Maybe the goal isn’t use it up, but rather make it useful.

This totally mirrors my own philosophy on scrap quilting!!

FRIDAY - In Sweater Class today, I transferred my stitches to a 40" needle.  Now, you can actually SEE my project!!  Just look at all the progress I've made:

As per usual, knitting was followed by quilting with Needleb.  Today was the day that my BROWN Scrap Jar Stars were FINALLY completed:

SATURDAY - It's the LAST Saturday of 2017.  The next to last day of the year, in fact!  You KNOW what that means, don't you?

It's time for Angela's final LINK PARTY of the year!!  Head over to see how many completed RSC Quilts have been posted.

Sorry!! I'm still working on my Year in Review post.  If I don't finish by year's end, I will link to it in the first RSC18 Link Party.

On Sunday, I'll be linking up with Cynthia for Oh Scrap!

Until next time...
Wishing YOU a Scrappy New Year!!!


  1. Honestly, it warms my heart to see your finished RSC quilt, and to know that eventually, I can get there too! Have a great new year and see you in 2018!

  2. What a fun and busy week! I did rice heating pads one year with a cotton removable cover - still use mine when I need a little heat! Looking forward to 2018 in the RSC.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. Congrats on a fine finish. I hate those new phones and am sticking with my old flip phone. I have my iPad and don't need another computer. Happy New Year, Joy.

  4. Someone made me a segmented rice warmer last year and I really like that the filling stays balanced. What kind of phone did you get? DH is giving me one, but we haven't totally decided on what to get.

  5. Oh, I love those brown stars, Joy! They look warm and cozy. I like the quote from Ravelry, too, and it fits right in with how I work!

  6. Love love love your first ever RSC finish!!! Its awesome!! and the scrap jar stars are so fun!

  7. That finished quilt is gorgeous and such a fun photo of it! :)

    My kids tease me because I am still using my iphone 3 :) well all that I do is text or call with it and it works for that!

    Happy New Year :)

  8. Love the happy photo of your quilt recipient!!! Happy new year!

  9. So many fabulous and 'useful' projects. I love the saying and I think I will be using it for the rest of the year. :) Your quilt is beautiful and it is so nice to see it being loved.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and fun New Year!

  10. Your RSC quilt is fabulous! I’m with you on the “new phone curse”. I used to love getting a new phone, but now it’s just a giant pain in the rear! :)

  11. I always enjoy seeing finished projects so much. Looking forward to more of those in the year to come. Great progress.

  12. Your finished string quilt is lovely! I hope to finish my multi coloured RSC quilt in 2018.

    Happy New Year! Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! I always love to see what you are up to!

  13. A very busy, but productive week. Congrats on the RSC finish. I finished my first ever RSC quilt this year too and it was gifted at Christmas.


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