Monday, December 4, 2017

Mail Call Monday - The Case of the Unexpected Squishy

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  I got a squishy in last week's mail.  The package contained a gift from a friend.  It was TOTALLY unexpected!

We converse regularly on Ravelry.  We did a handmade swap earlier this year.  However, we don't normally exchange Holiday gifts.  That's why the arrival of this package was such a surprise:

What did you get, Joyful???


Not just ANY earrings... YARN EARRINGS!!!  (I'm a knitter, too.)

They are TOO cute:

LOOK!!!  They match/coordinate perfectly with one of my favorite quilted jackets:

Thanks B!!  They are just like the ones that I saw at SAFF, only these are MORE special because they came from YOU!!!

Until next time...
Good things come in small packages!!!


  1. How fun! I'll bet they are really light and comfortable, too. Such a sweet gift :)

  2. Super fun earrings, and I love the flamingo fabric in your Ringo flying geese.

  3. A very fun and unique gift. It's nice to have friends that "get" you.


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