Monday, December 18, 2017

Mystery Monday Link-Up! On Ringo Lake! Part 4!!

Welcome!! Here is the LINK-Up for participating projects:


When I found out what units we would be making, I let out a BIG GROAN!!  In the past, these have always been a BIG PAIN to make...


Bonnie's Essential Triangle Tool!!  Between that tool and Bonnie's wonderful directions, the units for Clue #4 were a breeze.  Thanks, Bonnie!!

The cutting:

The layout:

My sewing...

... And Needleb's:

Just like THAT, my units are done:

With the Essential Triangle Tool, they are nearly perfect (even BEFORE trimming!)  Again... Thank you, Bonnie!!

Until next time...
Be Mysterious!!!


  1. Fantastic - you were really quick!

  2. Delicious colours! That can be a tricky block but it sounds like you had the perfect tool :-)

  3. Great job! Isn't it amazing what the right tool can do for you??

  4. All of the Part 4 units are done? OMG you are quick! Kudos to you and NeedleB. ;^)

  5. Hmmm what an interesting tool! I'll have to keep a look out for it.. those blocks look great! xx

  6. I'm using Bonnie's tool too. It is working ok for me, but it is slipping a little. My units aren't perfect, just respectable.

  7. Congrats on getting all yours finished. I agree, I wasn't too sure about making those units, but the Triangle tool made them a breeze.


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