Friday, June 18, 2021

Design Floor Friday - Nature's Progress

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  You will never believe what I did this past weekend.  I completed the top of a baby quilt the very week that baby was born!  Remarkable, right?

Have a look...

I shared a sneak peek on Wednesday, but after cutting some components:

The remainder of the blocks for the border...

... Of my great nephew's baby quilt were pieced on Saturday:

I planned for the "spacer" to be between the panel and the geese, but it looked better as an outer border:

I'm pleased to present the completed top of Nature, Baby! 

Now, I just need to add the borders to Rainbow, Baby! and get them both quilted and mailed off to those sweet babies (before their first birthdays.)

Until next time...
Progress is SEW good!!!


  1. Design floors are the best! lol The geese are a nice addition to that panel.

  2. Very nice! love the geese added to the nature panel.

  3. Those geese are great colors for the panel, Joy! Neat design!

  4. I love all those geese, and what a pretty quilt!

  5. What a great way to accent the panel sections! It looks perfect!

  6. Inspired use of a panel and a quick finish. I'm famous for finishing baby quilt gifts long after the baby arrives, so I always use bright colors instead of pastels. Now that I'm retired I at least get the quilts done by the first birthday, but cut it close some of the time.

  7. How sweet is that! Great way to augment that beautiful panel.


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