Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Housekeeping - Whoops!!

Welcome to a housekeeping post here at The Joyful Quilter!!  If you DO NOT follow me by email, simply disregard this post.  For those who have previously chosen to receive my posts via email, please continue reading.

I knew it was coming...

Feedburner was dying a slow death, but I didn't have time to deal with it before now.

I know that waiting until the last moment to take care of something is never a good plan and seriously thought I'd make the switch to a new service during the middle of the month.

That didn't happen...

Instead, my world blew up and I've been stressed beyond belief since then.  It nothing awful, but it's been time consuming and super stressful.

My apologies to you, dear readers!!

At Miss Pat's suggestion, I have moved my "Follow me on Bloglovin" button up to the top of my sidebar.  I tried to move everyone to Follow.It, but was unsuccessful.

I'm SEW sorry...

... To have failed you all.  This is obviously NOT my most stellar moment!  I had really hoped for the seamless transition that more tech savvy bloggers had found.  Automatic emails with no effort on your part was the goal.


If you were signed up to follow The Joyful Quilter by email, after today, you are left with no emails coming to your email when I release a new post.  I hope you won't forget me.


In a fit of desperation, I landed on this YouTube video that shed some light on the process.  Thank you to Peggy K. for rescuing me when I had lost all hope of switching my subscriber list to a new service!

For other bloggers who have waited for the last day to make the switch (or if you missed that final day for Feedburner!), your subscriber list SHOULD still be available for download.  There might be a gap in service to subscribers, but all is not lost.

Edited to add...

Emailed posts coming soon to an inbox near you via!  Just not soon enough to prevent a delivery disturbance.  :o((

Until next time...
I'm waiting for an email, too!!!


  1. Sound good, Joy. You can do this. is very quick to respond to emails. They helped me move my list. I had about 10 emails back and forth with them over 24 hours until they got my list moved.

  2. I was able to get on and subscriebe to you.

  3. helped me move my list over, it was as my granddaughter says easy peasy.

  4. Thank you! I just watched the video... who knew that many people got the e-mail! Yikes. I hope the stressful things get taken care of soon. Since the machines get a spa treatment I think you deserve one too!

  5. I use to follow all of my blogs--it works good for me as a subscriber-I don't get emails but I can just go on their site and have all of my blogs listed. A choice for some to follow successfully!
    Don't sweat it--we will find you! lol

  6. It will all work out. Stay calm, take some deep breaths and quilt on as the saying goes. It's okay to cut back until your world slows down.

  7. :P I haven't done that yet. Procrastinating Queen here. 😟😒

  8. I tried but hated the look of the emails (as well as the timing - it went out 12-24 hours after the post). But I tried the free version. I hope you have better luck with your experience. What a pain to be going through this!

  9. It is a disruption to have to change; but, we will all get it figured out. . .eventually! seemed too complicated for me as well. I have few e-mail followers so my plan is to connect with each of them to encourage them to join bloglovin. It won't happen overnight! Take care!

  10. I had trouble getting subscribers over to too. But, we do what we can. It will be what it will be.

  11. It wasn't so straightforward for me to migrate to either, but after exchanging a few emails with them (and reading WAY more than I wished I had to, to help figure it out), it got done. I thought about writing down my steps, but then again it felt like I had taken a circuitous route to accomplishing what others may have found to be more straightforward, so I didn't. Glad you found that YouTube video.

  12. Don't you hate all these technological changes that seem to be made without regard for those who USE the services? I was able to download all my email readers, but chose not to upload them to Follow It. The reason is that when I began looking through the email addresses, I saw that quite a few of them were only one digit different in a letter or number. I came to the conclusion that not all of them were legitimate blog-readers, but rather companies that want to promote something. So, I've left it up to my readers to re-register. I previously had more than 1500 registered followers. Now I have 128.

  13. I'm in your situation, too, Joyful. Someone from was helping me and seems to have disappeared. I'll watch the video to see if I can rescue my situation.
    Feedburner said they would discontinue emails in July but I didn't take that as specifically July 1. Google Blogger has made changes in the past, giving a date/month, and then continued longer. So I don't know. I don't follow any blogs by mail, so we'll see.
    I'm sure your dedicated followers will find a way to continue reading your blog!


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