Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday - The 3 Musketeers Quilt Again!

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I am SEW pleased to report that I have (finally) caught up with one of my mini groups for a Sew Day.  This was the first time we've been in the same place at the same time in more than a year!   Visiting with these two made for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon:

The day was SEW productive...

Extraordinary, really!  Especially, since I didn't even pack a sewing machine.  I had planned to use B's while she was cutting or pressing, but she just brought in another machine to use instead.  She had an ulterior motive, as I was sewing the HSTs for her portion of our quilt swap:

In between stitching sessions, I cut and prepared binding for my Birthday Quilt:

Choosing an alternate binding for my June 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge was also high on my task list:

On the way to and from the pressing station, I enjoyed the view of this lovely deck garden:

Helena chose, cut, and stitched borders...

... For this gorgeous UFO quilt from WAY back in the day:

Helena is happy to have made progress on this quilt:

Britt made binding for the quilt that recently came off the rails of my longarm.  It was the jumping off point for our Quilt-ing Swap:

While I didn't get a photo of the binding, I did capture this photo of her at the twining loom:

Complete with an action shot...

... And a photo of the nearly completed rug:

I also took pictures of a couple of her finished rugs.  This is a lighter weight one made with thinner fabric strips...

One that was made more plush by using wider fabric strips:

Anyone need a desk?  This one is bound for the local Habitat ReStore later in the week:

Thank you to Helena for suggesting that we get together and to Britt for hosting our little reunion!  Color me oh-SEW-happy:

Until next time...
Quilting friends are THE BEST!!!


  1. It refreshes one's soul to stitch with others. I love Helena's quilt. Do you happen to know the pattern name?

  2. Sewing with friends on a Sunday afternoon sounds perfect. I love Helena's quilt.

  3. Those rag rugs are so gorgeous! Glad you all had such a fun time.

  4. Love Britt's Jacob's Ladder (one of my favourite block). It's just gorgeous in red, black and white. Those colours are always in fashion! Very interested in Helena's loom rugs. So how does she finishes a row? with knots? Her rugs look great and durable. Lovely picture of the three musketeers. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. Just gorgeous!!! I love a good room full of creative women ! Beautiful!

  6. I’m delighted you were able to have a sew day with friends. A good way to end a stressful month! It’s all good! Be Happy “

  7. This YouTube video will answer questions about how the rug fabrics are joined together and how the corners are turned. The short answer is they aren't tied off after each row, but instead are continuously twined back and forth. First right to left then left to right, etc.

  8. I had sew much fun! ❤️


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