Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tidy Up Tuesday - In the Aftermath of a Quilt Tutorial

Welcome to a new edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!!  I have to tell you how excited I am with the tutorial I shared a couple of weeks.  The post gathered many positive comments.  Thank you, to those who left favorable comments!

My own quilt top was completed last week:

The quilt was made in dribs and drabs over the last week.  It started out as a test of the tutorial that a friend posted on our Messenger group.  After my first set of blocks, I asked Tiffany if I could make it easier for members to follow by putting it up on my blog.

Fortunately for them (and my readers), she agreed!  Thanks again, Tiffany.  Your tutorial led to the creation of that beautiful quilt top shown in the photo above.

Readers react...

I received a comment from Kathy R. who stated the following:

I tried the block with Batik fabric & it was easy to sew. I just need to look thru my stash for more color combinations to sew more of them. 

I'm SEW hoping she will send me a photo!  (I did ask nicely in my reply.)

Excellent tutorial - have a problematic layer cake (love the fabrics, the squares bug me). Perfect solution. Thanks!

Louise @ Quilt Odyssey included her attempt in THIS blog post.  It details her thoughts on the process and includes more about the stack of blocks she made using the Magic Star tutorial that I posted just last (?!) week HERE on the blog:

In a follow-up email, I asked about her choice of pressing.  Louise replied by sharing these two thoughts about her block production:

1. I pressed the first two strips away from the square, and then I pressed the diagonal seam open. I figured that gave me more layout options.

2. I also modified Tif's cutting instructions a bit. After I cut the layer cake square into 6.5x6.5, 3.5x6.5 and 3.5x10, I trimmed that last piece to 3.5x9.5  That seemed easier to me than having the extra half inch hanging out during the sewing.

Since then, I located some backing fabric (set aside for another project) and pieced a long off-cut of batting into a piece that would fit this quilt nicely:

My next client quilt needed to spend some time in quarantine (due to flowery laundry detergent smell), so I used that time to load AND quilt this little donation:

After getting a good start one afternoon, I finished it up the next:

To follow-up the straight line quilting that I did on my last quilt (last week!), thanks to Kate @ Katie Mae Quilts who just linked up with Alycia @ Alycia Quilts for Finished (or Not) Friday, I decided that I would play with wavy lines on this one:

After pulling the quilt off the rails, I came down to drag out my cutting mat and giant square ruler...

... To prepare for the next step.  Squaring up the quilt:

Once the binding was prepared, applied, and stitched down, I laid out the quilt for a photo of the completed project, only two weeks after posting the tutorial here on the blog:

This is a snippet of the lovely texture, as seen from the edge of the quilt, and a look at the (well-matched) two-fabric binding.  You ca barely tell where one fabric starts and the other one ends:

I hope YOU will give the Magic Star block a try SEW soon.  This one earned me the title of Speed Queen for my UFO Club (and I almost forgot to add it to the list!)

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Until next time...
QUILT thru Quarantine!!!


  1. Oh you stinker... now I want to start ANOTHER quarantine quilt project!
    This looks like so much fun... I'm thinking about all those leftover hunks of batiks that I don't really like anymore.

  2. Darn you.... Here I was all set to go finish up a mini quilt and now you have me thinking I need to go review the tutorial and search fabrics. I'm going to be good, I'm going to be good, I'm going to be good.....

  3. Your Magic Star quilt is terrific! It makes me want to add that one to my list, too.

  4. Thank you for the cute tute! I love that you are sharing the feedback as well.

    LOL on the quilt in quarantine because of the flowery smell. I have a customer that has very fragrant candles in her quilt room -- it must be a lot because I totally know what you mean.

  5. Great job on your magic star quilt! It is on my 'to do' list!

  6. Ohhh I love it!! your colors are so great! and of course - the quilting looks perfect for it!! Haha - I understand the *smell* quarantine too!! how funny!

  7. Your Magic star quilt is wonderful, Joy! Pretty colors and that great design! I'm finishing my blocks into a tablerunner this week. Thanks, again, for sharing the tutorial!

  8. Congrats on such a quick finish! It is a lovely quilt. I can't wait to try the tutorial. Today's the day!

  9. Great little finish. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

    Every longarm quilter knows about smell quarantine. :)


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