Monday, April 13, 2020

Mail Call Monday - The Masked Quilter

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  Today, I'm here to share the package that I received during the middle of last week.  (Yes, it's been in "time out" with the rest of the incoming mail.)

I had been dragging my feet about making homemade face masks...


I ordered some from my friend Tiffany.  She has an Etsy shop where she normally creates custom items for Disney cruises, but began offering her mask making services, since the majority of her regular customers don't sew:

Since I didn't know what size would work for my family members, I ordered some of each.  It worked out well and there are even a couple to share with some friends!  :o))

These are the variations between the sizes that I purchased:

Here I am wearing the woman's size.  It fits comfortably:

The teen size is a bit smaller.  It fits well, but you can probably see that there's not much breathing room:

The men's size is ENORMOUS on me and slides down my face...

... However, that size fits my DH perfectly and it would also be more appropriate for someone with a fuller face:

This is the woman's sized mask on him, which apparently fits him about as well as the teen size fits me:

There was a surprise included in with my order!  Tiffany knows me well.  I got some fabric scraps tucked into my package:

Thanks, Tif!  Your masks took a load off my mind at a time when I couldn't deal with the thought of making any of my own.

While the masks are much like some that I've attempted since my order, Tiffany included some details that mine don't have.  She's thought of everything!  There's a nose wire and even an opening/pocket for inserting an N95 respirator at the top of each mask:

If YOU are all "masked out" and still have people on your list who need masks, if you just happened upon my blog and don't sew, or if you just don't want to use your sewing time to make masks, the shop is currently out of stock.  Tiffany ran out of elastic and is waiting on a delivery.  The tracking suggests that it's in Ohio, but should be delivered by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  She will list more masks for sale when the shipment of elastic arrives. Tiffany has more masks listed in her shop.

Until next time...
What's in YOUR mail???


  1. I just got two quilt magazines in the mail. Fun.

  2. You could probably insert that extra fabric for extra protection if you don't have a mask.

  3. Aaahh, waiting for supplies. It's become a common activity during this pandemic! I've been tracking elastic for over 3 weeks - maybe the 16th. I like your masks. At the moment, I am out. Hoping to sew more later in the week. ~Jeanne

  4. Good idea to purchase some masks! Not all of us want to make them, that's for sure. I'll send folks to Tiff's store if they ask me to make masks :)

  5. Nice masks, Joyful! I've made several because my niece's husband is a doctor who has a few older patients who come in without masks. They are the shaped ones and easy to sew but not very quick. I suppose I should make some for my husband and me but I just can't work up the enthusiasm. Good for you to buy yours!

  6. Looks like you got a good variety and the fit well. I've made about 20 over two weekends. I really didn't enjoy the process, but we have masks and some left over to share with friends who don't stitch.


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