Friday, April 17, 2020

Design Floor Friday - Tales of a Scrap Buster

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  This is the first in a VERY long time.  You might have noticed.  Or not.

Here's how this post came to be...

It started out with these fabrics, chosen for my April's Light/Bright BLUE Scrap Buster Challenge block:

Once I found a second (appropriately sized) scrap - the Grunge Dot was for the "dividing line" - I noticed there wasn't enough contrast for my value placements.  I'm going for light, dark, medium shading for my blocks:

Since those fabrics didn't please me, it was back to my Light/Medium BLUE scrap basket for another look around.  By the time I settled the contrast issue, I had moved a stack of fabric on top of my original scrap choices to get ready for my ZoomBEE meeting (and forgot where I had put them in the first place.)  That meant choosing a new "dark" for the center section of the block:  

With the improved choices, the block sewed up in no time, at all:

Here's what it looks like when groups with the others made earlier this year:

Whoops!  Seems that I missed making February's orange one.  :o((

What's a quilter to do???

I decided to do something about that missing block, of course!  No time like the present, right?  That decision took me to my orange scrap bag, as the basket is currently filled with only tiny bits:

I think I see what must have kept me from making an orange Scrap Buster block back in February.  Contrast!  Or lack thereof:


... I went with it, anyway.  And that's where the trouble began:

I think this block truly hates me:

One little 6.5" block shouldn't be this much of a challenge to make:

Here is my up-to-date collection of blocks in an "X" setting:

Getting that last photo was harder than it might appear.  You have to be able to FIND the blocks before you can get a group shot.  An important step, wouldn't you agree?

I really wonder about my methodology, at times.  The other three blocks weren't even IN the studio!  (I know, because I looked.)

Would you believe that I found them in the living room?

They were on my makeshift "landing zone", apparently waiting to be packed up for the last Sew Day (which didn't happen thanks to the social distancing protocol.)  As with things such as that, the blocks for January, March and April got buried under the stack of HSTs for my niece's wedding quilt which were trimmed downstairs in order to get a break from being up in the studio for half the day.  Sigh.

Am I the ONLY quilter who does stuff like this?

Oh well, bring on Saturday's Rainbow Scrap Challenge LINK party.  I plan to share my blocks in an "O" configuration:

Even with all the concentration these blocks seem to require of me, I will continue to make them.  I might even pick up the pace.  Or NOT (as that would only mean more work for my seam ripper.)

Until next time...
Pleasant piecing!!


  1. You're one of us, for sure. That's why we always have something to do when others are bored. Have a nice weekend.

  2. And who has never done that? would be a better question. I can hear crickets in the background as no one raise their hands. Haha! You try to escape being upstairs half of the day and I try to escape being downstairs all the time. I still work from home and my computer is in my sewing room downstairs. I sometimes work on the laptop in the kitchen but it has such a small screen! (I'm getting too old for this) Anywho! I encourage you to continue with these blocks no matter how much troublesome they are. You will be able to laugh at that once they are all together into a magnificent quilt. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. I think "Quarantine Brain" is a real thing! Glad you found your blocks and finally wrestled that orange one into line :)


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