Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - Colorado QOV Style

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  This week, I'm here to tell you about my friend Alycia's Block Drive.  You see, she's in charge of QOV Colorado and could use your help.

Alycia blogs @ Alycia Quilts.  You've probably heard me mention her a time or two (million!)

She recently posted a pattern LINK.  I gave her method a try.  It's SEW easy and there are many ways to set the resulting blocks:

Check your scraps!  You probably have some red, white, and blue ones in there somewhere.  Don't you?

Make a block or two (or TEN), if you care to lend a helping hand to Alycia's QOV program.  She would be THRILLED to receive blocks from YOU!  I'm hoping to make a few more before sending a package off to her.

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Until next time...
Quilt for honor!!!


  1. I hope lots of blocks are made!

  2. Thanks for sharing this QOV block drive. I *definitely* have some r/w/b fabrics :)

  3. Oh sure Joy. I can make a few. Hope you are staying safe and sane, mostly :-)

  4. I need to check out Alycia's blog (I'm very behind on blog reading), I didn't know she had a new block call out. Thanks for sharing.


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