Sunday, April 5, 2020

Project QUILTING - Quarantine 2020 Limited Edition - Q.1


Six days ago, as my Monday morning rolled along, I finally got around to checking my email.  I had missed Kim's notice that there would be a Project QUILTING Quarantine 2020 Limited Edition.  After stating there would be no prizes and that we could decide how "perfectly we wanted to play by the rules, she also said:

"I mean, honestly, it’s just about
so we don’t all go stir crazy, right?"

She's using the abbreviation PQQ2020.  The first prompt Q.1 was released yesterday.  You better BET that I'm going to participate!!  Those other QALs will have to wait, as my creative muse ALREADY has an idea for my quilt.  :o))

What are the guidelines, Joyful??

You can interpret that several ways: use large-scale prints in your fabrics, make a bigger project than usual, use a “big” theme, blow up a small subject much larger than life, or enlarge the grid-scale of your blocks to try a block 16″ or larger.

About those rules, Joyful...

Same as always:
No size requirement - make it as BIG or little as you would like.
Each piece has to be DONE to qualify.

And, of course, LINK UP!!!

Let's see how it went...

The original design started out like this:

Then I spotted the stencils that I have been saving for 5 (?) years and traced them on paper and chose fabrics from a couple of gifted (Thank you, Cheryl K. and Francine!) scrap bags:

After cutting out the letters and numbers, I traced the characters on the back of each of them:

This is the ONE fabric that came from my own stash:

Next up, I firmed up my design... BIG letters, on a LITTLE quilt:

When it came for the applique, I opted for raw edge technique with glue, stabilizer, and batting, but decided on using that as the quilting through all three layers to call it done:


The quilt wanted MORE thread:

And then...

There was the matter of that TINY Q to deal with:

Oh!  Binding, too.

Eventually, the little BIG quilt was done:

7.5" x 8"

The reason, Joyful, why did you make this quilt???

That's easy.... There was no reason NOT to make it!!  SEW, I did.

Here is my completed Q.1 Challenge quilt, pictured with my first heirloom iris of the season:

Thank you, Kim, for giving me something to do besides obsess of statistics about COVID-19 this week.  Even with all the extra time provided by our state's version of a shelter-in-place order in effect, I still only managed to complete the mini quilt for this challenge prompt with little more than an hour remaining before the deadline!  How does that happen?!?!  I'll just have to be satisfied that I did finish it.  (And used a few fabric scraps along the way.)

Sharing with Cynthia

Until next time...
Go BIG and Stay at Home!!!


  1. Love your sweet little BIG quilt!

  2. Well done on "rising" to the challenge with a great result and even better using up some of those pretty scraps.

  3. Phew! You made it and a great job you did too. It looks really, up close or from a distance. ;^)

  4. Just in the nick of time! What a cute quilt you created.

  5. Why did the PQQ quilt get made? Why did the chicken cross the road? Super cute mini, Joy! Thanks for the smile this morning :)

  6. This is fabulous, Joy! I especially love how you cut the appliqué letter from pieced fabrics. I am storing that idea away in the back of my brain for future use... :-). You mentioned that you did not use stabilizer with this project, but did you use a fusible web for the appliqué at all, and if so, which one? I am glad to see you stitching happily away at something! The news is absolutely TOXIC right now, and creativity is the antidote!

  7. "Why did you make this? Because there was no reason not to!!" I LOVE THAT THE BEST !! Great job!!!


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