Saturday, April 18, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 16

Welcome  to Week 16 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  The RSC Quilters are busy working through their Light/Bright BLUE bits of fabric.  I thought I should get busy, too.

Follow along to see what kept me busy this week... 

SUNDAY - Hoppy Easter!!  Last night, I used some scraps from my niece's wedding quilt to do a test.  A fabric test, if you will:

I made mug rug apiece for my niece and her future husband as a gift for their original (now COVID-19 canceled) wedding date at the end of the month:

I used almost every fabric that I collected.  I will include a note for her to veto any of my choices that she does NOT want in her quilt.
Seemed like a brilliant idea to me!  It will save me from wasting fabric in a quilt that won't be appreciated and it will save her from having to look at a fabric that she can't stand.  Win-win!


It was a way to be productive while NOT working on the quilt currently on the longarm.  I was making good progress...

... When I made the same mistake.  TWICE!!  :o((

MONDAY - I'm hoping to get a better photo of the Mr. and Mrs. Mug Rugs that I finished last night:

It's time for another Mail Call Monday post.  Have a look...

TUESDAY - I didn't make a great deal of progress on anything other than my Weekly Quilt Group's blog post from our last meeting.  I did play with some florals, but no photos.

WEDNESDAY - I've got a(nother) new project going this week.  It's my Q.2 challenge based on Kate's tutorial for a Disappearing 25-Patch for this year's Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge:

I'm going with these Light BLUE scraps in honor of this month's RSC Color of the Month:

This evening, I released a new Quarantine Chronicles post.

THURSDAY - This morning, I visited with my Weekly Quilt Group via our ZoomBEE meeting:

I meant to share April's Light/Bright BLUE Scrap Buster Challenge block made with these fabric strips, but didn't due to reasons:

FRIDAY - Around lunchtime, I released a new Design Floor Friday post.  It outlines the challenges of quilting in "Coronaville."

Later on, while trying to make some progress on my niece's baby quilt, I discovered something I didn't notice at the Quilt Show.  Houston, we have a problem:

After a chat with Needleb, who suggested tea dyeing the paw prints, I went in search of an alternative and came up with TWO:

If you zoom in, you might be able to see the Light/Bright BLUE 
kitties AND the fact that the fabric on the right (which has been aging in my Closet of Doom for several years) is nearly a purr-fect match!  Alas, the pattern called for 1.25 yards.  :o((

What are the chances of THAT much being leftover???

Well...  I guess I'll just have to measure, but I'm not hopeful.

What was the result of your investigation, Joyful???

There were 1.5 yards remaining on the bolt.  SEW sweet!!  I've got a quarter-yard of fudge factor.

SATURDAY - We've worked our way to LINK PARTY day over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Light/Bright BLUE projects will abound.  I look forward to visiting with each of my RSC Quilter friends to see the progress they have made this week.

I'm excited to share my expanding collection of RSC blocks:

Here's hoping that YOU enjoyed seeing all of the Light/Bright BLUE that filled my week.  I had a TON of fun working through some of my scraps!  Sending out a BIG thank you to Angela for keeping us motivated.

Until next time...
SCRAP safely!!!


  1. Yes, that fabric on the right is purrfect for the kitties! LOVE your idea about the Mr. & Mrs. mug rugs so that they can pick fabrics for their quilt. So sorry to hear about the cancelled wedding. I know you were really looking forward to it. I have seen alternative weddings on the news (Zoom wedding) (Drive-in weddings). When the time is right love will unite officially.

  2. As usual you've had a full and busy week, regardless of quarantine restrictions. The mug rugs are a good idea: we should all do that before starting on gift quilts to be sure they are well received. You ARE lucky with that 1.5 yds of off-white fabric! It's not as if you can nip round to an LQS for some more fabric these days!

  3. Your Mr and Mrs mug rugs are just great, and what a good idea! So sorry they had to cancel the wedding though. Have they been able to make any alternate plans? Your Friday post was a hoot! Just keep making those blocks - they're going to make a fun design!

  4. I think the mug rugs were a FABULOUS idea. So smart! Very happy to hear that you had the perfect amount of fabric for the kitties. That doesn't happen very often so cherish the memory! Lol!

  5. Who could reject any of those fabrics? Gorgeous blues! It will be a beautiful quilt, eventually. And they will get married, eventually. It will work out, I'm sure of it :)

  6. I do love your bright blue journey through the week. The quilt on your longarm caught my eye, great scrappy fabrics! Hope your good progress resumes. Thanks for sharing!

  7. So many life celebrations being cancelled or redesigned these days. In NY you can get married remotely somehow I heard. As always you are a paragon of productivity, and I enjoyed seeing what you have been up to.


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