Monday, July 27, 2015

Mail Call Monday - Be Inspired!!

I WON!! I WON!! (But, YOU already KNOW that (because that was a few weeks ago.)  I blogged about it in THIS post.


You know how it goes.  Sometimes life gets in the way of our quilt-related endeavors and work often gets in the way of our personal pursuits.


The car eats our bills or the dog eats our homework.  Don't laugh!  It can happen!!


Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts mailed MY PRIZE and (just when I thought that it might have been eaten by a mail sorting machine) LOOK what arrived last week:

It's my package from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts!!!

Would you care to see inside???

Here's a sneak peek:

Oh. OK!  I'll pull the contents out of the envelope so that you can see better:

Hey!  What's THIS??

Amanda Jean included a personal note (Thanks, AJ!):

Multiple photos all over the cover of the book are a pretty good representation of what you will find on the pages between front cover and back:

Cool!!  After taking a few photos for you, I sat down and opened the book.

That was around 11:30 AM...

And didn't put it down until I got to Amanda Jean's Date Stamp quilt at 1:00 PM:

I wanted to save her quilt's story until I'd had some lunch.

Once that was done, I sat back down in my "reading chair"...

Got cozy...

And didn't put the book down until I had finished the last page at 3:30 PM!!!

I showed DS1 a few of the quilts.  His favorite was made by Cheryl Arkison and it immediately sparked a creative thought in his brain!  (Be sure to see the last bit of my note below.)

Here is a copy of the note that I sent, upon completion of the book:
Amanda Jean,
My copy of You Inspire Me to Quilt arrived this morning. I have to tell you... it was all I could do to put it down to have lunch!!
I made myself complete some work before opening the book.  Good thing!  It turned out to be 1:00 before I stopped half-way!  After lunch, I decided to write out the bills before I picked it up again.  When I finished the book, it was 3:30!!
While the majority of the quilts are NOT for me, but I'm pretty sure you can tell how much I enjoyed the stories.  Oh! DS1 already got inspiration from the book for a new art piece!
Thank you, again, for a wonderful gift.
The Joyful Quilter

Until next time...
Tell YOUR story with quilts!!!

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