Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - Withholding Liberty

You probably don't remember, but the last Sunday in June was spent quilting with my friend, Needleb.  I'm sure you know that we always have a good time.  What you may not know is that on that day she came bearing gifts:

Needleb brought a stack of scraps and said "Take what you want."

WHAT?!?!  You've GOT to be kidding!!!  (Nope.  She wasn't kidding.)


I took a look through the stack of gloriously soft prints and chose bits of any duplicates or multiples that she had.  I laid them out so that I wouldn't accidentally take an extra piece and then thanks her profusely for sharing these treasures with me.

(See the 3 rows in the middle of the photo.)

She came over to look at what I had selected and proclaimed that I hadn't taken enough... so she added MORE to the pieces that I had taken!

(See the top and bottom rows in the photo.)

But, WAIT!!  Why would she do that?!?!

My friend, Needleb, saw a discussion (on Ravelry) that I was involved in about Liberty of London fabric (and how I was drooling over it and chomping at the bit to have some of my own.) She happened to have been gifted a bag of scraps that included some Liberty fabrics. Not only did she bring some over for me to see the very next time she came to sew, she (generously!) SHARED the fabric with me. Now that’s a REALLY GOOD FRIEND!!!
Love ya, “B” and thank you, again!
So, Austerity Quilters, that’s how I came to have adopted MORE strays… er… fabric scraps!!! :P

Friends are good, good friends are better, and quilting friends are the BEST!!!


  1. That is a good friend. Have you a quilt pattern
    picked for this lovely fabric?


  2. NeedleB is working on some lovely crafty Karma. Good things will happen for both of you (and your quilts), I'm sure.

  3. What a great friend. Lovely material.


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