Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - Jean's Art O' Rama

Disclaimer:  The following DID NOT happen on Wednesday, but it WAS wonderful, so I wanted to share it with you in a Wonderful Wednesday post.  Enjoy!!

On MONDAY, I enjoyed a "Play Date" with my friend Jean.  She has a "Wet Studio" AND a "Dry Studio" that she is willing to share with members of our group.

Dry = Quilting

 Wet = Dyeing and painting

We  spent most of our time Wet Studio working on a "hair brained scheme" that I thought up over the weekend.  An idea that I have no space or materials to bring to fruition.  Enter, Jean.

Would you like to take a peek???

OK, but remember...  It's a SECRET!!!

We started out in Jean's Dry Studio to look at some of her recent Mono Prints.  She had them up on the design wall.  (Another thing that I don't have.)  I couldn't believe it!!  She offered up some of her "rejects" for the cause.  Thanks, Jean.

Would YOU reject THESE???

I wouldn't!!

Anyway, once we had seen all of the fabulous projects on her design wall, we went into the Wet Studio to set up supplies for our art-y session.


... Inks and paints...

And had a look at the pieces that I brought along. THESE are some of my Mono Prints and Hand Dyed pieces from NT's recent Dye Frenzy at our friend Dee Dee's house:

Ultimately, I selected a combination of pieces, some paint colors and "weapons of destruction":

Then, we worked together to create:

I did the majority of the stamping and felt like I was channeling Deborah Boschert, from the blog Deborah's Journal, during part of the process.  She incorporates circles in much of her work.  Although, I'm not planning on doing any hand stitching on these pieces.  That's another of Deborah's trademark techniques!

Jean encouraged me to add more color to some of the pieces (when I thought they were done) and she also did all of the fiddly detail work with a TINY paintbrush.

We were a REALLY good team!!

How can I help you clean up, Jean???  OK... I can wash stamps while you clean up the paint and inks.

Thank you, Jean, for sharing your space, time, and materials.  What a FUN morning!!!

Until next time...
Share your resources!!!
(Your friends will appreciate it.)

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