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ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 27

Welcome to Week 27 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Each week Angela, over at So Scrappy, hosts a LINK PARTY and many of those quilting along join in to show what they've worked on during the week. This week is probably going to be a slow week for me.  Slow in the sense of not much RSC Sewing going on.  I'll walk you through it as it happens.

BEWARE!!    In the mix this week, you will get a look at the monthly wrap-up for LIGHT BLUE.
Remember... You've been warned (because it's a LITTLE different than in prior months!)

SUNDAY was a Sew Day.  Needleb came over and worked for a few hours.  I sewed, pressed, and trimmed MORE Crumb Starters:

And even finished a few blocks...

See???  TWO Crumb Blocks and ONE Slab Block:

Angela posted the July Color Announcement and the NEW Color of the Month is:

Bet 'cha didn't see THAT one coming!!  LOL

On MONDAY, I had a FULL day at work with the girls and when I got home I remembered that I needed to show you the ONE Slab Block that I made on Saturday AFTER the weekly post, but forgot to showcase it with Sunday's blocks:

The block pictured above used some of the scraps that I received at last Thursday's Quilt Group meeting.
(Thank you, again, Candy!!!)

TUESDAY was the official end of LIGHT BLUE month.

I will now interrupt this weekly post to focus on the tally of June's meager LIGHT BLUE block production....

TWO (2) Maverick Star Blocks:

 SIX (6) Slab Blocks:

FIVE (5) String Blocks:

TWO (2) Tiny Nines:

For a total of FIFTEEN (15) LIGHT BLUE blocks during the month of June.

And a good amount of trimmings hitting the trash can:

Why, Joyful?!?!?  That's NOT like you, at all!!!

I know, but I rescued a "new" container for saving the usable "off-cuts".  Unfortunately, there are not enough scraps in there (yet) to make a good picture.  I hope you won't mind waiting a month or two for a shot of that.

Meanwhile, here is June's composite photo:

I realize that it doesn't look like much...

But look what happens when you add in the Crumb Blocks:

And that doesn't even give you the WHOLE picture!!

For a better view of June's block production check THIS out:

That's 15 linear feet of quilt blocks made during the month of June!!!

While the photo looks impressive enough, I just  HAD to stop and count them up:

EIGHTY-THREE (83) RAINBOW Crumb Blocks during the month of June!!!

Therefore, the equation for June's block production looks like this:

15 blocks in LIGHT BLUE + 83 RAINBOW Crumbs = June's adjusted total of 98 blocks

15 + 83 = 98

NINETY-EIGHT (98) quilt blocks sewn during the month of June?! I knew that I had done a LOT of sewing, but I had NO IDEA that I had done THAT MUCH!!! That's got to be some sort of record for me.

On WEDNESDAY evening, I thought that I better report what happened at Quilt Bee last night...  I completed TWO of the THREE projects that I took to work on (plus took the photos for the group blog.)

Well, Joyful?  What did you do??

I took my Strawberry Upside Down {Short}cake Donation Quilt to pin baste (so that I wouldn't have to clean off my sewing table.)

Once that was done, I got to work on a stack of Crumb Starters that needed to be trimmed.  Now those are ready for sewing.  I had hoped to get to that after work, but I...

Went to the grocery store, cooked dinner, ate with the family, and went for a walk with my DH. Showering was a MUST after our walk!  By that time, it was already time for bed.  It was a busy day!

THURSDAY was Quilt Group... without me.  :o((

It was also my LAST full day of work for the week (and actually, unless I get a new job, the last FULL day of work until the girls' school's next holiday.)  Do you THINK that I managed to get up to the sewing room?!?!

YES!!  :o))  or  NO!!  :o((

If you guessed no, you are correct.  I never even ascended the stairs!  However, I did take another walk with my DH...  priorities.  We have to make choice regarding our time.  He won over sewing  this time.  (Sometimes, he is not so lucky.)

On FRIDAY morning, I went off to Knit Group.  It was a slim crowd.  Although, it being a work holiday for many, we saw a member that we haven't seen in AGES.  It was a happy day.

Before dinner, I decided that it was time to put away the unused LIGHT BLUE scraps:

And then got out the RED scrap "basket" to see what I have to work from during RED month:

As you can see, I appear to be fairly well stocked.  (Surprisingly enough, since RED is NOT one of my favorite colors!)  Now, to take some time to begin sewing up some RED blocks for the RSC.

Oh!  In case you didn't see, I joined Bloglovin' as a convenience for those who use that service and want to follow me there.  It was recommended by a Ravelry friend who is on Bloglovin', too.

SATURDAY brought the end of another Rainbow Scrap Challenge week, along with Angela's LINK PARTY.  Hurry over to see what RED goodness has begun!  You'll find me at link number 10 this week.  I'm headed over there now!

U.S. readers... have a safe and festive 4th of July!!!

Until next time...
Stay busy!!!

June = LIGHT BLUE = Productivity

Especially, when you add in A Rainbow of Scraps!!!  :o))


  1. What a record, Joy! When I saw the first 'group' shot it looked at first glance like gym basketball bleacher seats with a packed crowd cheering on their Stars. Must be all of us cheering you for such a good finish.

  2. WOW! You were really productive this month. So many scraps all happily put to use in blocks and ready to find homes in wonderful someday quilts. So happy and scrappy. Can't ask for more than that. Enjoy your switch to reds.

  3. Love those slab blocks! I'm too much of a control freak to do them, but I so admire other people's efforts. And what a productive month! It all looks great!

  4. Wow! How impressive all lined up down the hallway. Great going clearing all those scraps. Have fun with the red. Looks like some interesting bits in there.

  5. Wow, you were really busy!! Good job!!

  6. What an awesome stack of crumb blocks!! Sure you don't need the binoculars to see the end of them?? LOL

  7. Great blocks! Some future colorful scrappy quilts in your future.

  8. lol 15 feet of blocks!!! LeeAnna

  9. I love seeing the 15 feet of sewing. I made 23 blocks in June and while I was home for class reunion I pulled the blocks I've made so far to inventory them. The reason you have so much red is because its not a favorite color, if it was they would be gone. 😀

  10. Awesome job on the blocks this year. You are doing great. I love the July wrap ups to see how much you get done with a block here and there in 6 months. Great choice not he walk with DH :) Don't want him to feel neglected.


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