Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Tidy-Up Tuesday - Declutter Challenge 2023 - Week Two

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  My studio is currently in transition.  It has been dumping ground for all of the quilty things that were stuffed in my last studio, but little by little, homes are being found for all of the items or else the items are being moved along.  I'm on a quest to make my "new" studio less cluttered and more organized.  Karen @ Just Get It Done Quilts is helping me with her Declutter Challenge 2023. If nothing else occurs, the number of magazines in my studio was significantly reduced and there is one less packing box to trip over.  :o))

Let's see how I did since last week's post...

Day 8 - Snips, scissors & rotary cutters

Sorry, Karen!  The entire collection is staying.  Different tools for different purposes and they live in various locations around the studio:

Day 9 - Thread

I'm SEW not THREAD-Y to sort through this category!  Like the cutting tools, my thread is also housed in various locations around the studio, but the bulk of it is here:

Day 10 - Needles and Pins

This afternoon, I checked each pin in my collection.  Here are the bent ones which are being thrown away safely discarded:

It really is frustrating to select one when you are hoping for a pin that is straight!

Day 11 - Irons, Rulers and Cutting Mats

Last year, during the Declutter Challenge, I had hoped to share how I hung my larger and longer rulers.  Thrilled there are spots for these on the side of my cutting table for the ones that don't fit in drawers, but there wasn't enough energy to figure out the spacing.  I had the self-sticking hangers to get the job done at a later date:

I'm pleased to say that I did complete the job!  While the spacing might not be perfect, it has proven to be an excellent storage solution.  As long as you follow the hook manufacturer's package instructions!  I didn't (the first time) and had to re-hang them when the fell off the cabinet.  Oops!  Thankfully, they didn't break and they appear to be holding well the second time around:

Regarding the irons and cutting mats...  Sorry, Karen!  I don't have the bandwidth to deal with those this time around.

Day 12 - Sewing Machines and Electronics

Hmm... This will make for an interesting hunt when I get back from my dental appointment this afternoon.  Time passes...

Well, Karen, I came, saw, and conquered.  Absolutely nothing!  I got rid of the bulky clock/radio last year and no sewing machines are asking to move in with other quilters.

Day 13 - Notions & Other Crafts

According to Karen, today is the day we are going to find the old, crumbling, weird, and wacky.  Let's see what of the unwelcome, unwanted and the no longer necessary I was able to part with:

These two were housed in a pocket of my Machine Organizer Mat, but I really NEVER select them for use.  They only get in the way of items I actually DO use.  Today, they are GONE!

Day14 - Catch-up Day

We'll see how this goes...  I'll check back later with an update.

Later is now and I've been busy working on other projects.  No additional decluttering happened.  Here's hoping I do better next week.

Until next time...
Reclaim your space!!!


  1. Looks like you made good progress. I made a start on my sewing room on Sunday. It definitely needs a lot of work. Hopefully you've made enough progress to have room to work on a few projects.

  2. You have done very well. I am trying to get more organized and keep clean as I move along. Finally located a missing pair of scissors (my first sewing scissors now relegated to paper) in the batting pile!

  3. When you get done with your area, maybe you'd like to attack mine?? Every time I think I'm going to attack one small area in my space, I get so overwhelmed that I just leave. After that, I just shut my eyes to the mess and sew, sew, sew! Good for you to keep on going!

  4. You are doing great; a little bit each day. I had to laugh at your bent pins, because that's me too, and I have to get rid of them. My goal is to organize my fabric, it's a mess. I did the batik the other day, sorted on colors and it looks so much better.

  5. You did great at your decluttering this week. If ANYTHING leaves, you have made progress! I think I do better at cleaning out if I do a little at a time. As a result, I guess I'm never done. ;)

  6. While I am not doing this challenge, it was a good week for me for a little decluttering. I packed a huge bag of yarn that I would probably not use for years and gave it away. (She was thrilled to get it.) I cleared off/reorganized my art table, tossing several items in the process. Oddly this is in the middle of preparing for an exhibit.

  7. This is genius! I love the way you've done things! Well done!


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