Monday, January 23, 2023

Shades of Blue Challenge - A Blog Hop - My STOP

Welcome to My STOP for the "Sew - It, Show - It" Challenge: Shades of Blue (Blog Hop)!!  This is the next big thing from Carla @ Creatin' in the Sticks!!  She announced it early, so I figured I would jump right in.  Who can't make something BLUE with two months to get it done?  Make sure you read through to the end, as you don't want to miss anything!  I went a LITTLE crazy with my blue scraps.

I was excited, SEW...

I got right to work!  I tried one thing:

It was done raw-edged from start to finish.  I present Unconstructed in Blue:

Thanks to inspiration from my Cindy in the Quilters Knitting group on Ravelry.

The outdoor photo didn't work as well as I had hoped:

When that project was done, I started another...

The piecing was complete when I noticed...

I quickly found a solution for that hole.  It was nothing that a bit of fusible and a scrap of fabric couldn't fix:

Once the repair was done, it was time for layering, basting and...

Some simple straight-line quilting:

I think I posted this teaser on my blog last month:

Here is the completed Sew-It, Show It project titled Feelin Blue:

After that, I had Covid and decided to play with some denim...

And a new-to-me (Thanks, Linda Mac!) pattern:

As you can see, I started with the crown.  It went really well, even though a skull cap is most certainly NOT a good look on me!

That's where things went downhill...

I was upcycling denim and the pattern piece (even folded in half) wouldn't work on the pair of jeans I was trying to use.  :o((

As I was writing, I had a thought and went to raid my closet:

I haven't worn either of these dresses in YEARS!!  I figured that it couldn't hurt to try them for this project.  I cut them out during a Sew Day with my Monthly Quilt Bee:

And tried out an embellishment, too:

That didn't work out very well, but my friend DeeDee offered a suggestion that might, if I really want to include it in the design.  I'm not keen to deconstruct the perfectly sewn cap, but cutting the embellishment with the pattern piece would probably make more sense than having a pocket panel sewn to the hat!  Another other option would be to fussy-cut the embroidered flower and apply it to the center panel.  I couldn't decide (and then came down with Rebound Covid), so this project is still stalled.

Are you done yet, Joyful???

Well... Not exactly...

I had one more project that I wanted to try.  The photo below shows the start of it:

It was another raw-edge project...

With lots of BLUE scraps used:

Here is the finished project:

Thank you, again, to my friend Cindy for the fun raw-edged project inspiration!  You can find her on Ravelry @MonsoonCalamity.  I modeled my cowl/infinity scarf after THIS project she shared somewhere on Ravelry.  I couldn't find it there, but I found it on her business Moca Fabric IG account.

Note:  A similar project can be found (near the end of video) on Pola Quiting on YouTube at the following LINK with an accompanying Tutorial HERE.

I was SEW excited when Angela @ So Scrappy chose Dark and Bright BLUE for January's Color of the Month!  It worked great for me to be sharing these projects.  We'll just say that I got a head start of my scrappy sewing for this month.  :P

If you read through to the end...

Guess what???  YOU have a chance to WIN the project that I shared at the top of the post!!  That's right!  I'll be giving away that mini runner to one lucky winner.  All comments are greatly appreciated, but in order to be in the running for Unconstructed in Blue, leave a comment specifically indicating your interest in having that project mailed to you.

The winner will be chosen on MONDAY, January 30, 2023 @ 9PM (EST).  Please make sure that your email address is included in your comment, if you are a "No Reply Blogger", as I will need to be able to reach you when your name is pulled.


Until next time...
Sew It, Share It!!!


  1. I would love to be the lucky winner! Blue is one of my two best colors. Your piece is amazing. I love how enthusiastically you worked right through TWO bouts with covid! You deserve a prize just for that!

  2. You rocked the blues, Joy. What darling and fun mini quilts and a fabulous scarf. Thank you for sharing your winter blues. Happy quilting.

  3. You sure have had a couple of months. I hope you slide into spring with ease. Thanks for sharing all of these creations.

  4. I love the joy you share as you delve into your scraps! Looks like you had as much fun making as I did reading! Jan

  5. Joyful is certainly what you have been, even with Covid you managed to stitch with Joy and make us smile! Your projects in blues are so fun and I loved reading about each one!

  6. Annie (Annie’s musings)January 23, 2023 at 8:09 AM

    You really took to the blues and ran with them, Joy! Every project is terrific! I love your adventures with the hat and your dresses!

  7. Great job on your projects...through some tough times!

  8. You took the blues to a whole new level with all your incredible projects. Each one is so different and fun! I love the hat and can't wait to see how you decided to use the embroidery in it! Fun little modern pieces and that cowl is so perfect for the weather we are having here! Burrrr.

  9. A denim hat sounds great. I haven't done that. But I do know that you can cut that brim into 4 pieces instead of 2 - just add seam allowance wherever you cut. It works great. It probably would work to cut it into as many pieces as you want! Do take care - you've had more than your fair share of illness. ~Jeanne

  10. So sew sorry about your double dipping covid experience but so glad to see that you didn't let it slow you down. Your blue projects are wonderful and very creative. Always love infinity scarves and yours in blue is beautiful.

  11. Good for you to be able to push through with all your projects while having covid!

  12. Love your projects! Very creative. I like that hat pattern and a denim one is inspired. Hope you get it done soon!

  13. I love your little Unconstructed runner in blue. Well done. I'm also very curious where this hat project will take you. I mean denim is usually heavy so I'm wondering how the hat will look when done. I hope you get better soon. I'm also nursing a bad cold and I'm away from work today. Yay! More sewing time ... after I take my meds and a nap. Take care. ♥ ;^)

  14. Oh I found it sad to cut up your dresses, but that hat is going to be great. I have lots of denim in my stash and will have to see what hat patterns I have to play with. Thank you for your inspiration. Lovely projects, hope you are feeling all better again.

  15. The hats will be very cute! I had a couple of those denim dresses and jumpers in my closet too. I wore them when I was teaching - and yes one of them had apple buttons. Very 80s!!

  16. So many fun went to town on shades of blue! Did you exhaust your blues? Somehow I bet not.

  17. Such fun projects. There's always room for another runner. Thank you.

  18. I loved reading this journey of yours to be creative. Cutting up dresses, patching holes, and ending up with so many cool blue projects was great! Trying to sew with Covid must have been hard. Hope you're feeling better!

  19. Great projects using blue. Hope you are feeling better! Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Wow! You certainly made use of your time with all those projects. Fabulous! So fun to just sew/quilt and feel free to do what you want. Excellent.

  21. You had fun playing with all kinds of blue for this blog hop, Joy! Did you ever get the brim for the hat to work? I would love to see that. I dec9nstructed a denim jumper I wore for years when I was teaching and made a tote bag out of it. It was great to get something useful out of something I was never going to wear again!

  22. Don't give up on the hat--it has real possibilities! The limits of jeans are just a ripple--you will figure it out with the sacrificed dresses! lol

  23. I hope you are over Covid now. You had fun with all of your blue projects.

  24. I would love to be in your drawing. All of your projects are so fun! ~Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

  25. How clever you are- I never think of the fusible sitting on my sewing shelves unless someone reminds me how versatile it is- like you. Thanks. I do love your project and would be pleased to win it.

  26. Great job on your blues. I’m always looking for ways to repurpose jeans.

  27. You definitely met the Sew It Show It challenge! So many fun blue projects! Hope you are finally getting over covid. Glad it didn't keep you totally down and out!

  28. Nice projects.It looks like you had a lot of fun.

  29. Would love unconstructed in blue! Thanks for the giveaway! Jo sent me 😻

  30. All nice blue project. Thank you for the chance to win Unconstructed.


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