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Project QUILTING - Season 14.2 - Pink Tint

Pink Tint

Welcome to The Joyful Quilter!!  And... Welcome to the wonderful world of Project QUILTING hosted by Kim Lapacek @ Persimon Dreams!!  This is my 3rd year of participation in the Challenge.  Trish Frankland @ QuiltChicken is the creator of the crazy challenges that participants will face during the next 10 weeks.

Sassy @ Farm Quilter got me started at the beginning of Season 11 by inviting her readers to join in the fun.  I accepted her invitation and the rest is history.  As I have for the past two years, I will be dragging along my friend LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color again this season, as she enjoys having a reason to stretch her creative wings.  Would YOU like to join me in this creative journey, too?  

FAIR WARNING:  It's a wild ride, but oh SEW rewarding!

Challenges are given and start to finish you have ONE WEEK to complete your project.  PQ 14.2 can be found at THIS LINK:

Step One...

Read the instructions to see what is required of the second challenge.  Here's what Trish had to say:

14.2 – Pink Tint – Challenge 2 of Project QUILTING Season 14

Many of you know I’m a geek about color. I have loved Pantone ink swatch books (#ad) since I was a child, and you can draw a direct line from there to my adult quilting obsession.

And I know several of you were just itching to see what my color-inspired challenge would look like this year. So here we are! Let’s talk about COLOR.
Apparently, people in the know think it’s going to be a rosy 2023, because most color forecasters have gone in that direction for their “color of the year” announcements.

Pantone named Viva Magenta as their color for 2023. With a sweep of alliteration after my own heart, they declared it a color that “vibrates with vim and vigor.” It’s on the red side of pink, and BRIGHT, bright, bright!
Robert Kaufman named its Kona Cotton Color of the Year for 2023, and they selected Crush, a vibrant salmon that reminds me of juicy ruby red grapefruit.
Sherwin-Williams paint company went more neutral with their choice – but while Redend Point is taupe, it carries notable pink undertones.
So this week, what I want to know is: what shade of pink do you choose for YOUR color? You don’t have to choose one of those previously listed colors, but you must use some rosy-hued inspiration.

Step Two...

Groan.  PINK?!

Why, Joyful???

Pink is SEW not "my" color!!  What on Earth am I going to do??

Step Three...

Gather supplies:

I reached for my PINK Quilted Scrap Basket, but...

I soon pulled out my Dark/Bright BLUE Quilted Scrap Basket, as well.  That's the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month for January and I might want to include that in my project:

Tutorial for these baskets can be found HERE.

Step Four...

Review the rules: (Insert 14.2 rules here!!!)

RULE ONE: some shade of pink must dominate this week’s project.

Trish was kind enough to provide the following links for color inspiration:

  • Palettes of four colors each with fun ways to sort and browse: Color Hunt
  • The famous archive of Design Seeds.
  • Combining science, history and art, this book is great either as a deep-dive read or to just dip in and out of on a whim: Secret Lives of Color.

You have one week to meet the challenge. Every challenge piece must be a FINISHED project seen through from INCEPTION to COMPLETION during the challenge timeline – that is, started on or after January 15, 2023, and posted by noon Central Time January 22, 2023.

Each piece must stand alone as DONE to count toward prizes.
Your project does not need to be a traditional quilt, but must meet at least one of these requirements: include patchwork, include appliqué, have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine.

Step Five... Any ideas?

Yes.  I have one.  I might be able to use PQ14.2 as a chance to play along with Kristen's Scrap Buster Plus Quilt Challenge.  You can read more about that HERE or follow THIS LINK to her YouTube video about the challenge.

Step Six...PLAY!!!

I began by sort through my small scraps for bits that felt right for what I had planned:

Here is a bit of my construction process...

(Scroll down to the bottom of the post NOW, if you don't care to see a blow by blow of the making of my quilt.)

I was SEW excited by my plan that 6 full days before my entry is due, I cut the background scraps...

And soon enough, the piecing was done:

With 5 full days until the deadline, my project was layered with a scrap of batting...

Together with a sweet PINK scrap from my dear friend Ella, it was quilted and hand bound:

Here is my completed entry for PQ 14.2:

There is usually a reason that I participate in these challenges...

... And this time, it was because I'm going to miss this kind and gentle co-worker:

As luck would have it, PINK is one of her favorite colors!

There you have it...

Process, product, and the REAL reason for accepting this Challenge.

Follow THIS LINK to the Season 14 overview.  Check back on the Challenge release days (or sign-up to be notified automatically) and there may be one that YOU just can't resist.

It's a SHORT turnaround time!

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, that doesn't HAVE to be insurmountable.  With a little creativity and a few evenings, you really CAN do this!  My project was begun shortly after the prompt was announce and was finished in record time. I can't believe it was done with 4
 full days to spare!  My post was ready for release with more than 36 hours until the deadline.  Even so, I linked up with only a few hours to spare.  (I have a thing about releasing my post on Sunday so didn't want to join earlier.)

Until next time...
Challenge accepted!!!

Remember:  If I can do this, YOU can do it, too!

(Plus, there's a spot to post your completed Project QUILTING inspired projects AFTER the deadline for any of the challenges.)

I'm joining the Beauties Pageant 202


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  1. Pink is sew not my color, either. Nice that you made it for your co-worker.

  2. That's a cute little quilt! Nice gift for your co-worker.

  3. For me pink fit right in as I was doing Valentine stuff right now! I like your cute mini and I am sure your co-worked loved it too and will think of you each time she sees it.

  4. Aww, such a great gift and I love seeing the picture of the gifting. You really embraced the challenge and spread your talent.

  5. Oh, what a lovely gift to give your coworker. Just seeing you together and the smiles warms my heart!

  6. See what you’ve done! I played along, encouraged by you and LeeAnna. I like that little “plus” block you chose! I’m sure your co-worker will treasure it!

  7. So cute and tiny - all the things to love! I made a 4 inch mini yesterday, to share in my Tablescraps post at the end of the week. I love that you gave this one to your co-worker, too!

  8. You know me, I'm no pink girl either but what you pulled is really cute. Even cuter is the gesture. What a kind spirit you have to make a farewell gift for your co-worker. You are both so cute on that selfie. Bravo, Joy! You went beyond the pink challenge. ;^)

  9. That was a fun little quilt and a lovely gift for your co-worker! Hooray on another PQ finish!

  10. How wonderful that you could accomplish the PQ challenge so well and also gift it to a special friend! That sweet little quilted piece will always hold warm memories of you. Bravo!

  11. looks great and fun for you - congrats

  12. It's lovely! Glad you were able to make it work even without loving pink.

  13. Fun little pink mug rug---the best part of quilting is sharing!


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