Sunday, January 29, 2023

(Not So...) Mini Monday (on Sunday?!) - SAHRR 2023 - Round One

Welcome to (Not so) Mini Monday... a little bit early!!  I shared the center of my 2023 Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) last week.  Roseanne & Sue @ Home Sewn by Us are leading off by selecting how we should proceed for Round One.

And the verdict is...


Have you developed a plan, Joyful???

NOPE!!  That forced me to look thru all the presenter posts for ideas.  They were all SEW different, but I decided that my choice would be a toss up between Wendy's, Emily's and Chris's style of Spool blocks. I like the jauntiness of Emily's and the variety of fabrics I could use in the one Chris made, but Wendy's applique seems like I could get away with less math.  That's always a bonus in my book!

Remember these adorable blocks...

Unfortunately, neither one of these blocks felt like the right fit for the center of my SAHRR:

Found in holiday stash.  Most likely from my friend Diane.


I took another stroll through the stack of blocks and found this beautiful wreath block, which immediately changed my mind about what I would use for the center of my quilt:

Let's see how Round 1 played out...

Looking at the block, I determined that my RED scraps would be the best way to begin:

As I started sewing, I realized additional strips would be needed...

Once the spool was assembled (and without any real thought), I ditched the planned applique technique and cut background strips for piecing:

I meant to make two, but only managed to choose scraps for a single block.  Plus, it was time to go make dinner.  What would YOU do?

Hours later...

Please, visit the other participants in this week's Link Party and stop back here to see how my quilt will progress with Round Two.

Here's this year's SAHRR hosting schedule:

Until next time...
Sew a Round!!! 


  1. I think one spool block is plenty . . . especially when you and your peeps are waiting for dinner! And you got your post finished in time to link up, too. I thank you for that and for joining in. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I like the wreath for your center block. I think you could use just one...remember this is your quilt!

  3. Will be fun to see you build this quilt! It's looking good so far!

  4. That wreath block is gorgeous! It will be fun to see what you add next.

  5. well done! it's modern and clean. Thanks for sharing your thought process in decision making too! LeeAnna

  6. Nice way to put your scraps to work for you! Pretty!


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