Monday, September 3, 2018

Scrap Attack Tuesday - August Accomplishments

Welcome to the next edition of Scrap Attack Tuesday!!  This week, I'm here to reveal my accomplishments for the month of August.  l wasn't as successful as I might have liked, but here's how things went...

From my Scrap Attack list:

6. Make more Tiny Nines:



ONE is better than NONE!!  Especially, since this Tiny Nine was made in August's Rainbow Scrap Challenge (ORANGE) Color of the Month:

From the secondary list, in case I have extra time or enthusiasm:

8. Plan a quilt with T-scraps:


I'm REALLY glad that this month's goal was the PLANNING of a quilt rather than the actual MAKING of a quilt!  The wedding quilt didn't get finished, SEW...

Here is the plan for my next T-Quilt:

Scraps ARE included.  They are being used to fill in the gaps. Yes, I realize it's not a quilt made FROM the scraps.  USING a portion of them will just have to do.  :P

You might notice that I posted a little earlier than normal.  Monday evening was chosen over releasing two posts tomorrow.  I've got a special Tidy Up Tuesday post to be released in the morning.  I hope you will come back then to check it out.

Until next time...
Attack Those SCRAPS!!

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  1. Any and all progress is good. Sometimes it just can't be any other way. Hopefully September will be much more productive in the sewing room.


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